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Robin Finck

Robin Finck
Name: Robin Finck
DOB: Nov. 7, 1971
Age: 33
Sign: scorpio
Nicknames: Ratt Finck, Queenie
Status: married, i think ?
Birthplace: New Jersey
Hometown: Merrieta, GA
Current Residence: south carolina
High school: Walton High. Graduated class of 1990
Height: 6'1"
Weight: ?
Hair Color: naturally brown, dyed every color, shaved, etc.
Eye Color: brown
Tattoos: ?
Piercings: ?
Smokes: weed
Drink: Yes
Joined NIN: 1993
Instruments: guitar, keyboard, mandolin, chainsaw (in ISS)
Past Bands: Prowess (high school), Bat Your Lashes (formerly known as Prowess, post high school), The Hookers, Sik Dik, Impotent Sea Snakes, Sick Mother Fuckers (SMF), Nine Inch Nails, Cirque Du Soliel Orchestra, GuNs N' Roses.

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