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past nin band members

Charlie Clouser

Robin Finck

Chris Vrenna
Name: Chris Vrenna
Nickname: podboy
Hometown: Eerie, Pennsylvania
Height: 5'6"
Date of birth: February 23, 1967
Current age: 37
Hair color: natural brown
Eye color: blue
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Martial Status: Married
Instruments: Drums, keyboards, computer synth and arranging, sampling
Involvement in NIN: drummer from 1987-1990. rejoined nin in 1992 before leaving permanetly in 1996
Present band: Tweaker
Previous band: Exotic Birds , Nine Inch Nails
Other projects: Studio engineer, Programming, Remixer, and Producer

Richard Patrick
Name: Richard Patrick
Date of birth: May 10, 1968
Current age: 36
Hair color: brown/black
Eye color: ?
Involvement in NIN: guitarist and punching bag from '89 to '93
Instruments: guitar, bass, drums
Martial status: girlfriend
Siblings: Robert Patrick (cop in Terminator 2), Karen, Lewis, and twin sister Cheri
Present Band: Filter

James Wooley
Name: James Wooley
Nickname: Wooley bear? I heard someone call him that in the closure video, I think
Hair color: red ?
Martial status: married
Current residence: los angeles, ca
Involvement in NIN: synthesizer player, 1991-1995

Jeff Ward
name: jeff ward
involvement in NIN: drummer, lollapalooza 1991 and winter tours 1991
Previous band: ministry, lard, low pop suicide
*note-for all the people that don't know, jeff ward is unfort. dead.he commited suicide just before the downward spiral came out*

Martin Atkins
name: Martin Atkins
It has been said that Atkins drummed at a few shows.

lee mars
name: lee mars
involvement in NIN: keyboardist on first headlining Pretty Hate Machine tour, 1990-1991