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*written by ashley reznor, have fun*

What does the band name Nine Inch Nails mean?

There has been a lot of question about that. Many people have made their guesses. One of the funniest I've heard was that it stood for Trent penis size. (we can only dream about that) Others have thought it to be the nails that Jesus Christ was crucified with, and so on. The real reason said by Trent is this:

"I don't know if you've ever tried to think of band names, but usually you think you have a great one and you look at it the next day and it's stupid. I had about 200 of those. Nine Inch Nails lasted the two-week test, looked great in print, and could be abbreviated easily. It really doesn't have any literal meaning. It seemed kind of frightening. [In his best he-man voice] Tough and manly! It's a curse trying to come up with band names."

What is a 'halo'?

Halos appear on ever NIN album put out. They are used as a cataloguing system, to keep all official albums in order. If you have all of them, believe me it helps.

Here's a list of all the albums/singles that are currently out:

Halo 1: Down In It (single)
Halo 2: Pretty Hate Machine (full album) [see album info.]
Halo 3: Head Like A Hole (single)
Halo 4: Sin (single) (contains Reznorís first cover of Queens "Get Down Make Love")
Halo 5: Broken (EP)
Halo 6: Fixed (remix EP of Broken)
Halo 7: March Of The Pigs (single)
Halo 8: The Downward Spiral (full album)
Halo 9: Closer To God (single)
Halo 10: Further Down The Spiral (remix of TDS)
Halo 11: The Perfect Drug Versions (single) [album info. "The Perfect Drug"]
Halo 12: Closure (2-video set)
Halo 13: The Day The World Went Away (single)
Halo 14: The Fragile (full album)
Halo 15: We're In This Together (3 different cds)
Halo 16: Things Falling Apart (remix of the fragile, and includes a cover of Metal by Gary Numan)
Halo 17: And All That Could Have Been (CD, DVD, VHS)

That's all as of now...will be updated when something new comes out.



Pretty Hate Machine

Pretty Hate Machine was created in Cleveland, Ohio.

P.H.M. was released on Oct. 20, 1989, on TVT Records.

Running time: 48:47

Number of song: 10

Number 3, Down In It, on PHM was the first single off the album.

Trent has said Down In It to be a rip-off of a Skinny Puppy song called Dig It.

The four original producers that worked with Trent on PHM were: John Fryer, Flood, Adrian Sherwood, and Keith LeBlanc.

Ever wonder what the front cover of Pretty Hate Machine is?
Well, Trent said in an interview that it was suppose to look like the backbone of an animal. In true it's actually the blades of a turbine stretched vertically, with colors laid over top of it (pink and blue).

Music Video's made form this album: Head Like A Hole, Down In it, and Sin.

Whispering in this album:

Sanctified (number 4)

Trent whispers this during the middle of the song (where there is just music), "Dear Mom and Dad, this the hardest letter I've ever had to write. I'd hoped somehow to get out of this quickly so that youíd never have to know about it, but that just isn't possible now. I don't know what's going to happen, but what can I say to you? Will I'm sorry, make a difference? Will it ease the pain? The shame you must be feeling? Forgive me please..."

If you look in the booklet there is some lyrics that weren't sung. This is a quote about that by Reznor about that: "There were some lyrics that I had written that I couldn't fit into the songs as I was combining lyrics with music. I included them because I like them and also because they could be discovered by the person that took the time to read the lyrics."

Broken (halo 5)

Broken was released on September 22, 1992, on TVT and Nothing/Interscope Records.

Running time: 33:07

Number of songs: 1-6 then oddly enough 7-97 are 5 second blanks, 98 and 99 are songs.

Created in "hell" (New Orleans) this is in the credits in the broken case.

Producers; Trent Reznor, and Flood. Also help from; Brian Liesagang, Sean Beaven, Chris Vreena.

Music Videos made from this album; Pinion, Wish, Help ME Iím In Hell, Happiness IN Slavery, and Gave Up.

Whispering in the album:

Physical (number 98)

About 30 seconds into Physical Trent Whispers, "eat your heart out Steve", in reference to TVT's owner, Steve Gottlieb.

Also in Physical Trent's dog Maise, which died in 1995 during the Self Destruct Tour. She's barking somewhere in the middle of the song, during the guitar solo. The barks sound like roars because they were taping her at double speed, and it was played back at normal for the final track. At 3:49 in the song, if you can somehow speed the recording up (by using a soundcard, adjustable speed CD player, etc.), you can hear something to the effect of "....ow!....fucker!...". That was Maise biting none other than Sean Beavan, and his reaction afterwards.

The Downward Spiral (halo 8)

The Downward Spiral was released on March 8, 1994, on TVT Nothing/Interscope Records.

Running time: 65:08

Number of songs: 14

Main production by Trent Reznor and Flood.

Music Video's off this album were; March Of The Pigs, Closer, and Hurt.

Hurt was two live performances from The Self Destruct Tour (1994-95). One in Dallas Texas on 2-11-95, and Omaha Nebraska on 2-13-95.

Whispering in Album:

Mr. Self Destruct (number 1):

Trent whispers "I am an exit" right after "you let me do this to you".

Closure (halo 12)

2-video set for 1994 through 1995 Self Destruct Tour.

Tape 1: a live tape produced by Jonathan Rach

(live performances)
Terrible Lie
Down In It
The Downward Spiral
All The Pigs, All Lines Up
The Only Time
Hurt (with David Bowie)
Something I can never have

Tape 2: a compilation tape of NIN videos

(videos) Head Like A Hole
Down In It
Help Me I'm In Hell
Happiness In Slavery
Gave Up
March Of The Pigs
Eraser (live)
Hurt (live)
Wish (live)
The Perfect Drug

Directed by: Jonathan Rach
Concept: Trent Reznor
Executive producer: John A. Malm, Jr. Nothing Records, Inc.
Additional footage directed by: Jeff Richter
Director of photography: Jonathan Rach
Supervising editor: Jeff Richter
Editors: Will Godby, Chris Osterhus, Jonathan Rach, Scott Richter, and David Sketchley
Editorial assistants: Michael Bouchet, Brian Boyd, Tracey Browne, Frank Lagnese production manager: D'arcy Mastrangelo

Nine Inch Nails:
Charlie Clouser
Robin Finck
Danny Lohner
Trent Reznor
Chris Vrenna
James Wooley

Thanks to Nine Inch Nails Special Guests:
Die Krupps, Fem2Fem, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Melvins, Pig, Pop Will Eat Itself, Prick, The Jim Rose Circus, Treponemal Pal, Type O Negative

Natural Born Killers (soundtrack)

Produced by Trent Reznor in 1994

Songs by NIN that were on the soundtrack; Burn (number 8), Something I Can Never Have (number 15), A Warm Place (number 24)

Music Video off this soundtrack by NIN was Burn. In the beginning of the video two pictures are flashed these are pictures of Albert Einstein and Adolph Hitler.

Lost Highway (soundtrack)

Produced by Trent Reznor in 1997.

Songs by NIN/TR off this soundtrack; Trent Reznor "Videodrones;Questions" (number 2), Nine Inch Nails "The Perfect Drug" (number 3), Trent Reznor "Driver Down" (number 22).

In the video Trent drinks a glass with some type of green liquid, which is called Absinthe. Donít know what that is? Absinthe has a slightly bitter taste and is comparable to black licorice.

"The Perfect Drug" first appeared on the radio in January of 1997, and was available commercially in February on the "Lost Highway" soundtrack. In this quote from Raygun magazine, Trent gives some insight into the development of the song:

"'The Perfect Drug' lyrically and thematically was inspired by the film, but musically the way it happened to come out...It was one of those: One week. Write a song. Mix it. Done. I don't like to work that way. But I reached the stage where I was excited about it, yet it wasn't necessarily appropriate for the movie. And at the end of the day I am Nine Inch Nails and I have to do what's right for me. So I gave it to him and said, 'I don't know if this the right thing for your film sonically, but this is the song I had to write now and I had to be true to myself.'"

Here's a bit of info. On "The Perfect Drug Versions":

It contains 5 remixes of the original song, done by Meat Beat Manifesto, Plug, NIN, Spacetime Continuum, and The Orb, respectively.

Hereís what the credits say:

"[1] Remix and additional production by Jack Dangers Engineered by Josh T. Roberts at Toast Studios, S.F.

[2] Remix and additional production by Luke Vibert

[3] Remixed by Trent Reznor and Keith Hillebrant Engineered/mixed by Brian Pollack at Nothing Studios, New Orleans

[4] Recreated by Jonah Sharp

[5] Remixed by The Orb Engineered by Andy Hughes"

The Fragile (halo 14)

The Fragile was released on Sept. 21, 1999

The differences between the CD, Tape, and Vinyl of 'The Fragile':

CD: 2-disk set, with 23 songs both CDs together.

TAPE: 2-tape set, with the same songs as the CD but an extra song called (+ appendage) after the song Please.

VINYL: 3-record set, with full versions of all songs (no bridges between songs). The New Flesh and 10 Miles High were extra songs on the vinyl. You can find The New flesh and 10 Miles High on The Fragile Singles (3).

There is a post on the access (boards) about the differences in the songs on each type of music device. Here's the post:

"Hello everybody. I've been doing a lot of European press lately and they've been mentioning the various configurations of 'the fragile' and wondering if there was a reason (other than to make the hard-core fan buy them all) to have some different tracks on them. If you're curious, here's why. We agonized over the sequencing of the record and focused solely on the CD config. As the definitive one. After the decision was made to move to two CDs the problem then became removing tracks to get the right feel and flow. Taking 'the new flesh' off the CD was a tough call because Alan and myself really like the track, but it destroyed the balance and it just didn't fit. When we assembled the cassette, we now had four beginnings and endings to contend with instead of two of each (for the CD) follow? It worked out pretty well just dividing the songs up, but we wanted the A sides of the cassettes to be slightly longer than the B sides (so that when the tape flips over you are not in the middle of the first song on that side). We added the 'appendage' to 'please' to make that work. For the vinyl, the decision to move to three discs was based on fidelity. (you can only fit so many minutes on a side of vinyl before it degrades the sound) So now we are faced with SIX beginnings and endings. Simply splitting the sides up didn't work as well this time so we decided to include the other two tracks we had been considering ('10 miles high' and 'the new flesh') as well as use the full unedited versions of all the other songs on the record. The vinyl sequencing has actually grown on me lately as a viable alternate! -just thought you might want to know... "


Movies that NIN videos have appeared in:

An edit of the _Fixed_ remix of "Gave Up" appeared at the beginning of 'Young Americans'.

"Burn", "A Warm Place" and an extended "Something I Can Never Have" were in 'Natural Born Killers' (Trent also put together the whole movie's soundtrack).

"Head Like a Hole" was in a movie called 'Prayer of the Roller Boys'.
"Dead Souls", a cover of the Joy Division song by the same name, is featured in 'The Crow' movie and on the soundtrack.
"Head Like a Hole" was also in the movie 'Class of 1999'

"Closer (precursor)", a remix of "Closer" which appears on Halo 9, is featured during the opening credits of the movie 'Seven'.

"Closer to God", "Closer (internal)", "The Art of Self Destruction part I", and possibly another mix of either song appear in the movie 'The Fan'.

"Heresy" appeared in 'The Doom Generation'

"The Perfect Drug", and two tracks credited only to Trent Reznor, titled "Videodrones; Questions" and "Driver Down", appears in David Lynch's 'Lost Highway'. Trent produced the entire soundtrack, as well.


Releases of official NIN videos:

"Down In It"
  Director : Eric Zimmerman & Benjamin Stokes
   Down in It, Trent and Co.'s first video, for some reason is never shown on MTV in its original form. See, in the original video, Trent falls off the building he is walking on, and is shown dead, apparently for a few days. Anyway, this video somehow got into the hands of the FBI, who spent a few weeks looking for the makers of this 'SNUFF FILM' as it was thought to be when it was found. Ironically enough, Trent (the dead guy) was also in hiding, recording _Broken_ under false band names so TVT wouldn't know what he was doing. The censored version is pretty much the same thing, with the scenes of 'dead Trent' taken out. The whole episode with the FBI was followed up by a Hard Copy episode that aired March 5, 1991.

"Head Like a Hole"
  Director : Eric Zimmerman
   A 'live' video in which the band is in a cage-like stage. Toward the end the band is overtaken by the surroundings, resulting in an upside-down suspended Trent. This video was released in 2 versions: one being the standard, and one being the Flood remix.

  DATE RELEASED : Feb. 1992
  DIRECTOR : Peter Christopherson
   Pinion is what Alternative Nation ripped off. It basically starts off with a toilet being flushed, then you follow the flushed water down the plumbing until it gets to the mouth of a bound man being tortured. Shot all in black and white.

  DATE RELEASED : Feb. 1992
  DIRECTOR : Peter Christopherson
   Wish is another 'live' video; this one is in an elaborate caged-in 'stage' in which the audience is trying to get to the band through the cage. At the end of the un-edited version, they finally break through and get Trent.

"Happiness in Slavery"
  DIRECTOR : Jonathan Reiss
   This video has never been seen on MTV for very obvious reasons. The video contains a man being tortured to death by his own free will. At the end, Trent comes in for his turn, but unfortunately that isn't shown. Shot all in black and white.

"March of the Pigs"
  DATE RELEASED : March 1994
  DIRECTOR : Peter Christopherson / Trent Reznor
   March of the Pigs was a very low budget, thrown together live performance of the track. Kinda funny though.

  DATE RELEASED : June 1994
  DIRECTOR : Mark Romanek
   Closer was Nine Inch Nails' 'breakthrough' video. Much of it was filmed on old 1920s' file Trent acquired. It was put out in 2 versions: MTV's censored one with 'scene missing' in place of some of the more explicit shots, and the uncensored version.

  DATE RELEASED : August 24, 1994
  DIRECTOR : Hank Corwin / Trent Reznor
   Burn is a video for the soundtrack of 'Natural Born Killers'. The video contains many scenes from the movie, and Trent singing in a white tee shirt and jeans.

  DATE RELEASED : March 1995
  DIRECTOR : Simon Maxwell
   Hurt is a live video from the 94-95 tour, shot in Omaha/Dallas. The backdrop contains footage of rapidly decaying animals, predators, and old World War 2 footage. All shot in black and white.

"The Perfect Drug"
  DATE RELEASED : January 18, 1997
  DIRECTOR : Mark Romanek
   This video boasts Trent with a goatee, and many visuals that appear to be taken straight from the artwork of Edward Gorey. Check out for a good look at the parallels between Gorey and TPD. Mr. Reznor is also pictured preparing and drinking absinthe, a very potent and illegal alcoholic beverage. And those three guys? It's Charlie, Danny, and Chris.

  DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
  DIRECTOR: Brett Turnbull
   Sin has been rumored to exist for a long time now, and finally it was released on Closure. The video itself seems to be set to the short version of "Sin". It depicts Trent with short hair spinning in a Gyroscope. There are also a few strange scene's of a naked woman at the beginning and a man with a wig on dancing with a rope.

"Help Me I am In Hell"
  DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
  DIRECTOR : Eric Goode & Serge Becker
   This video was released on the Closure video. It depicts a man in a padded cube room sitting in front of a table completely covered byflies. He silently cuts his meat and eats it. He continues to eat givingno acknowledgment to the flies on his food as well as him.

"Gave Up"
  DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
  DIRECTOR : Jon Reiss
   This is an entirely different video than the one for it on the Broken video. This video has Nine Inch Nails playing in Le Pig Studios (the Sharon Tate house). Marilyn Manson pretends to play guitar and even sings backup vocals. In it can be seen their whole mixing setup, as well as past band members including Richard Patrick and Chris Vrenna. At the end of the video there is a nice shot of the house. From the Closure video.

"Wish (live)"
DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
DIRECTOR : Simon Maxwell
This is a live performance of Wish, a spectacular, perfectly-coordinated light show. From the Closure video.

"We're In This Together"
  DATE RELEASED : September 15, 1999
  DIRECTOR : Mark Pellington
   This is the first video from "The Fragile" It was shot in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. The video was shot in black and white and is very dark. It features hundreds of people dressed in black running as a mass. The video focuses on Trent running with and through this mass of people. All shot in black and white.

"Into The Void"
   In the video Trent along with Charlie, Danny, Robin, and Jerome are in a small red/orange box. Each has their instruments and they're playing them. Throughout the video someone uses this camera with really small lenses, and runs it through Dannyís and maybe other nin members, you can't really tell. It goes over Trent's arm, face, hair, teeth, mouth, chest, and eyes. The camera focuses very closely, so you can hardly tell who the camera is focusing on, but since I'm Ashley Reznor, I know when Trent's on. At the end of the video Trent push's Robin through the back wall. (lucky him)

"Starsuckers Inc."
  DATE RELEASED : April 29, 2000
  DIRECTOR : Robert Hales, Marilyn Manson
   This has Marilyn Manson in it dressed up like a hooker (no offense to the hookers out there). He has a blond wig on, a short black dress, with fish net panty hose. (all normal wear for him and twiggy) Trent has blue paint around his eyes with white paint all over his face, and his hair has grown down to his chin (still black). If you look closely, on his pinky he has a blue eyeball ring, that I believe is Manson's, but of course that's not official. Trent and the hooker "Manson" are riding in a limo in the beginning of the video and soon get out at this elaborate carnival of old trailers and a bunch of junk. Throughout the video Trent play's some of the games. One being a plate-hitting thing, which had a number of plates with stars faces on them, such as Manson, Fred Durst, Mariah Carey, blah blah blah. ALso Trent isn't really hitting the plates and breaking them himself. It's a machine throwing them, so that they would shatter better.

  DATE RELASED: sometime in june, i'm not sure on actual date, but it was filmed on 5-24-01 through 5-26-01
  DIRECTOR: Edna Maccallion
The song Deep is only featured on the Tomb Raider soundtrack. It's a little over 4 min.'s long, and the video features a story showed backwards. To beak it down, Trent and a black women who's real name is Angela, decided to rip-off a bank by taking 2 boxes, i guess containing money, or something important. Trent is in he's "video car" with a crowbar beating on the box. Finally it opens, and green dye splatters all over Trent's beautiful car, and all over him. Trent gets out of the car, and jumps around for a bit, looking pretty pissed off, and then drives off again. The women has the other box, and she's trying a different way of getting in, not knowing what happen to Trent yet. She also opens her box, and this time orange dye comes spewing out, covering her all over. She runs out of the house, and drives off into her car. (I since cars are the best way to dissolve your problems) Anyway, after both of them are shown driving screaming their newly colored heads off, and find each other once more, and crash! Both cars collide with each other and blow up. Split between different areas of what I just went over, a reporter is seen on TV telling about the boxes being taken, and about the dye inside, which to get fully taken off you have to shed 7 layers of their. I think Trent and the other chick need to watch the news more. :)

"The Broken Movie"

   Trent Reznor made this with Peter Christopherson (Of Throbbing Gristle fame) for the Broken EP. The film shows a kidnapped man being forced to watch Nine Inch Nails videos while being graphically tortured eaten to death by a masked madman. (lucky him)

Why was it never officially released?
According to Trent, he didn't want the press on his ass trying to get him to explain it. Plain and simple. And NO, it is not real. It was filmed to look like a snuff film.

Video for Piggy?

Nope, no video for that song, but here's a quote from Trent why:

"We tried to make a video for Piggy, but all the directors I talked to...their ideas just *sucked*"

Video for The Day The World Went Away?

Trent and other's made a music video for it, before We're In This Together, but Trent said in an interview (which I can't find at the moment for a quote) that the video was too personal, and he didnít want to put it out because of that. My thoughts are it was about his Grandmother or something that was also somewhat painful for him in his life, and that's why he didn't release it. Oh well.