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Yamaha SPX1000

A Selection of 40 Superb Effects
The SPX1000 also provides simultaneous processing-up to 5 effects at one time. Both "series" and "parallel" combinations are provided. With a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, it delivers full, flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Broad Programming Versatility
Any of the SPX1000's 40 preset effect programs can be edited, re-titled, and stored in any of 59 RAM (user memory) locations.

Analog and Digital Interfacing With A Movable Digital Insert Point
The stereo analog inputs and outputs can be switched to match -20 dBm or +4 dBm. The SPX1000 also allows selection of the following Digital I/O modes: Analog, PRE, Post, Digital.

Selectable Input Modes
In addition to the digital I/O configurations, the SPX1000 offers a choice of input modes that provide increased system flexibility: Stereo Normal, Stereo Reverse, Mono L, and Mono R.

External Controller Assignment of Two Parameter Per Program

MIDI Control
A MIDI In terminal allows MIDI selection of effect programs as well as real-time control of up to two different effect parameters at the same time. A switchable MIDI THRU/Out terminal is also provided. When switched to OUT, edited programs stored in internal RAM can be dumped to a second SPX1000, a MIDI data recorder or other data storage device.

Preset Effect Programs 1 - 27
1. Rev 1 Hall, 2. Rev 2 Room, 3. Rev 3 Vocal, 4. Rev 4 Plate, 5. Rev 5 Echo Room, 6. Early REF. 1, 7. Early Ref. 2, 8. Early Ref. 3, 9. Gate Reverb, 10. Reverse Gate, 11. Delay L,C,R, 12. Stereo Echo, 13. Stereo Flange A, 14. Stereo Flange B, 15. Chorus, 16. Stereo Phasing, 17. Tremolo, 18. Symphonic, 19. ADR-Noise Gate, 20. Pitch Change 1, 21. Pitch Change 2, 22. Pitch Change 3, 23. Freeze 1, 24. Freeze 2, 25 Pan, 26. Triggered Pan, 27. Distortion

Preset Effect Programs 28 - 40
28. Multi (CHO and REV), 29. Multi (SYM and REV) 30. Multi (EXC and REV), 31. Plate + Hall, 32. ER+REV, 33. Echo+REV, 34. Chorus+REV, 35. Pan+Pan, 36. Compressor, 37. Low LVL Expander, 38. Exciter, 39. Stereo Pitch, 40. Stereo Freeze

Freq. Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Dynamic Range 90 dBm
Distortion 0.03% (@ 1 kHz)
Input/ Number Of Channels Unbalanced x 2 (Phone Jack)
Input/ Nominal Level +4/ -20 dBm Switchable
Input/ Impedance 50 k ohm (Stereo-In), 25 k ohm (Mono)
Input/ Level Control Rotary Continuous
A/D Conversion/ Number of channels 2 (AD Converter x 1)
A/D Conversion/ Sampling Freq. 44.1 kHz (Except D-In)
A/D Conversion/ Quantization 16 bits
D/A Conversion/ Number Of Channels 2
D/A Conversion/ Sampling Freq. 44.1 kHz (Except D-In)
D/A Conversion/ Quantization 16 bits
Output/ Number Of Channels Unbalanced x 2 ( Phone Jack)
Output/ Nominal Level +4/-20 dBm Switchable
Output/ Impedance 220 ohm
Presets (ROM) 1~40
User Memory (RAM) 41~99
Front Panel/ Controls Input Level
Front Panel/ Keys Parameter INC/DEC, Scroll Back, Parameter, EQ, INT. Param, Level EXT CTRL Assign, Store, Memory INC/ DEC, Recall, Utility, Trigger, Bypass
Front Panel/ Displays 16 CHARA. x2 Line LCD 2 Digit 7 Segment LED (MEM #) 2 ch. 8 Segment LED (Level Meter)
Front Panel/ Connectors Foot VR Jack x 2
Rear Panel/ Connectors Input (Phone Jack x 2) Output (Phone Jack x 2) MIDI In, Thru/Out (DIN 5P x 2) Digital I/O (DIN 8P x 2) Trigger 2 (Analog) (Phone Jack) Trigger 1 SW (Phone Jack) Memory INC/DEC (Phone Jack) Bypass (Phone Jack)
Rear Panel/ Switch Input/ Output Level SW MIDI Thru/ Out SW Trigger 2 (Analog) Level SW
Power Requirements/ Consumption US and Canadian Models 120V AC, 60 Hz/ 22W General Model 220-240V AC, 50-60 Hz/ 22W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 480 x 45.2 x 315 (mm) (18-7/8" x 1-3/4" x 12-3/8")
Weight 3.7 kg (8 lbs 3 oz)