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Yamaha AN1x

Assume Control
The classic analog synth sound is invading the airwaves and dance floors of the world and taking modern music to ever higher levels of creativity and style. And now, with the arrival of the Yamaha AN1X Control Synthesizer, you can assume control of your sound card and expand your musical universe like never before.

Analog Physical Modeling Synthesis
Featuring Yamaha's new Analog Physical Modeling Synthesis, which faithfully - and reliably - models analog sound digitally, the AN1X brings the fat, familiar sounds of the classic analog synths together with intuitive realtime control features in one futuristic, highly intelligent package that will change forever the way you create and perform your own music.

A truly innovative, incredible sounding synth that's designed from scratch for techno, trance and every other type of modern dance music existing or yet unconceived, the AN1X gives you the power to create fresh and inspiring music every time you switch it on.

2 Scene Memories With Realtime Morphing Between Scenes
Each AN1X voice has two Scene memories which let you store "snapshots" of specific control knob settings, to effectively give you two distinct sounds - each of which are available at the touch of a Scene switch.

Scene Control Feature You can activate the "Scene Control" feature which lets you use the Modulation Wheel (or a Foot Controller, or any other assignable continuous controller) to morph, or cross-fade between Scenes in realtime as you play. If there's a particular sound during the morph that you want to keep, you can easily store it to one of the Scene switches for the selected voice. You can even load Scene data from another voice to the current voice.

Intuitive "Modeless" System With Assignable Control Knobs
The ANX1 basically always operates in Voice Play/Edit mode, which means that you can edit the sound as you play by turning the 8 control knobs to do things like open a filter, tweak the resonance, adjust the ring modulator, reshape the envelope, and much more.

Control Knobs
Each control knob gives you quick and easy access to one of many tone generator parameters. You can even assign a specific parameter to each knob for customized control over detailed aspects of your sound during performance. Each knob can also send Control Change messages to control specific parameters of external MIDI instruments.

Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer with MIDI Data Output
The AN1X features a powerful pattern generator incorporating an Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer which literally lets you create instant bass lines, backdrop phrases and trance-riffs at the simple press of a key! The pattern note, gate time, control change and other event data can be output via MIDI to trigger an external tone generator, or be recorded by an external sequencer. You can also control the tempo from an external MIDI clock signal.

Since Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer settings are stored as voice parameters, each voice can have its own customized patterns which you can turn on and off at will with the ARPEGGIO/SEQ switch. The Arpeggiator features 10 timing subdivisions plus 30 preset arpeggiated patterns to choose from, including Up, Down, Up and Down and special patterns like Techno, House, Random, and much more. The arpeggiated pattern can be played across the full keyboard or to the left of a variable split point.

The Step Sequencer lets you design your own intricate 2-bar pattern loops over 16 "steps" (beats) which can be triggered from the keyboard. Here's how it works: In Step Event Edit mode, each of the 8 control knobs represents a specific beat (steps 1-8 and 9-16 respectively), and can select specific note, veolcity, gate time, or control change event values.

256 Sequence Patterns
You can create 256 sequnence patterns and trigger them from the keyboard in a variety of ways. For example, you can configure a voice to play various patterns to the left side of the variable split point while shifting the pitch of the current pattern with keys to the right.

3 Programmable Stereo Multi-Effects and 3-Band Stereo EQ for Each Voice
You can enhance the stereo dimension of each voice with programmable Reverb (8 types) and Delay effects (5 types - including Tempo Delay, which matches the delay tie to the current tempo), as well as a 3-band stereo EQ. There are 14 Variation Effects too, including Chorus, Phaser, Auto Pan, Compressor, Pitch Change, Distortion, and more.

Effect settings are stored as voice parameters so each voice can have its own customized effect assignments. the Delay and Reverb can be configured in a serial or parallel connection, and an Effect Bypass lets you turn off specific effects at will, which is especially handy when editing a voice.

128 Voices, 10 Notes Polyphony and Multiple Voice Layering Options
There are 128 voices preprogrammed and ready to go which showcase the power and range of the VCO, VCF and VCA - and Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer - each of which can be overwritten to store 128 voices of your own.

Six types of layers to choose from for each voice give you detailed control over how the two voice Scenes are configured to play in relation to each other, including Dual (both Scenes layered), Split (one Scene assigned to each side of a variable split point), and Unison, which lets you achieve those incredibly thick sounds of legendary analog synths.

Assignable X-Z Ribbon Controller
As its name implies, the AN1X control Synthesizer is designed for maximum realtime control flexibility - not only with its full complement of onboard assignable control knobs and other controllers, but with external Foot controller and other MIDI controllers as well. In addition to the control knobs and Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel, the AN1X features an X-Z Ribbon Controller with horizontal slide (x) and pressure (Z) control of filter, resonance, modulation, and more

Easy-Assign Control Matrix
An easy-assign "Control Matrix" function permits quick assignment of 16 sets of source controllers (MW, FC, Key Touch, etc.) to destination parameters (Filter, Modulation, LFO, etc.) - for each voice.

4-Track Free EG
4-track Free EG lets you "hand draw" knob movements in realtime. Although the AN1X features plenty of simple and intuitive realtime control features, a "Free EG" function is provided for those times when you wish you had a couple of extra pairs of hands.

The Free EG records realtime knob movements of up to four parameters in each voice - one parameter per track - to let you "hand draw" filter, resonance, LFO and others over a determined length of time, between 1/2-bar and 8 bars (determined by tempo), or in "absolute" time between 1 and 16 seconds. The parameter changes associated with the Free EG sequence will automatically play back as recorded when you subsequently play the voice from the keyboard - with one of several loop variations.

Keyboard 61 keys(Iinitial/After Touch)
Tone Generator Analog Physical Modeling; VC01 (Sync, FM), VCO2, VCF (Ring Modulator, Noise, FEG), VCA (AEG)
Polyphony Maximum 10 notes
Multi Timbres Maximum 2 timbres (with polyphony of 5+5 notes)
Voice 128 User voices
Layer Single, Unison, Dual, Dual Unison, Split Unison
Arpeggiator 30 patterns, 10 timing subdivisions
Step Sequencer Max. 16 steps (Note, Volocity, Gate Time, Control Change); 128 Voice patterns + 128 User patterns
Free EG 4 tracks per voice; Length: Bar (1/2, 1, 3/2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8), Seconds (1.0 - 16.0)
Effects Variation x 14: Chorus 1, 2, Flanger, Symphonic, Phaser, Auto Pan, Rotary Speaker, Pitch Change, Aural Exciter, Compressor, Wah, Distortion, Overdrive, Amp Simulator; Reverb x 8: Hall 1, 2, 3, Room 1, 2, Stage 1, 2, Plate; Delay x 5: Delay LCR, Delay LR, Echo, Cross Delay; EQ x 1: 3-band stereo
Controls SCENE 1, 2 (with Scene Control), KNOB PARAMETER GROUP switches x 8, PROGRAM CHANGE keypad (0-9, -/NO, +/YES/ENTER), PORTAMENTO (On, Off), LAYER, STORE, ARPEGGIO/SEQ (On, Off), Edit Rotary switch, Parameter Value UP/DOWN switches x 10, POWER switch
Controllers Pitch Bend Wheel (assignable); Modulation Wheel (assignable); X-Z Ribbon Controller (assignable); CONTROL Knobs x 8 (assignable); Volume Knob Display Custom LCD with LED backlight, LED x 10 (red)
Connectors PHONES; OUTPUT (L/MONO, R); FOOT VOLUME (FC7; assignable) FOOT CONTROLLER (FC7; assignable) ; FOOT SWITCH (FC4; assignable); MIDI IN, OUT, THRU; DC IN
Power Supply AC Adaptor (Yamaha PA-3B or equiv.)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 976 x 285 x 103 mm (38-3/8" x 11-1/4" x 4")
Weight 7.5kg (16 lbs., 8 oz.)