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Digitech: Whammy-Wah

The XP-100 is a multi-talented pedal that is at home in any guitar rig. Need a Wah-Wah? Simply select one of the several different WahWah voicings. Want some wild pitch bending effects? Try the Whammy settings! Along with several creative and wild sounds, don't forget that the XP-100 can be used as a simple Volume pedal. Oh, did we mention that the XP-100includes a chromatic tuner? technology advances and allows more power to be wrapped into one product with better specs than ever thought possible in a guitar pedal.

XP-100 pedal effects include: whammy up/down, pedal steel, chromatic harmony, pedaled detune, tape start/stop, several wah wah types, multiple auto-wah types, volume and chromatic tuning.


Whammy Bar effects along with Pedal Steel, Chromatic Harmony, etc.
WahWah Effects From Subtle to Extreme
Auto Wah Effects
Pitch/Detune Effects
Tape Start/Stop Effect
Volume Pedal
6 User Mode Positions for Storing Favorite/Most Used Presets