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Waldorf Microwave II XT

Absolutely! Five units, packed with exactly 44 (read: forty-four) dials for sound editing, one dial for page select and a potentiometer whose task is only to control the master volume.

This beast is built as a 19"-rack-mountable desktop machine. When mounted into a rack, the cables still fit into the housing without the need for an extra unit of rack space.

For sure typical synthesizer effects like flanger, overdrive, auto wah, amplitude modulator and delay are possible.

We also included a stereophonic audio input for processing external signals through the filter, amplifier and effect stages of the Microwave XT.

You want more ? We offer [ soundsets ] from well-known sound designers. A must have for every XT user!

Multi Mode with 8 individual instruments
10 voices [ expandable to 30 voices ]
128 multis
256 sounds
64 ROM wavetables
32 RAM wavetables
64 waves per wavetable
500 waves
arpeggiator, syncable to MIDI Clock
programmable arpeggiator rhythm pattern per sound
4 integrated [ effect ] units all parameters real time controllable through MIDI continous controller
44 dials for parameter changes
2 buttons for parameter changes
1 master volume potentiometer
MIDI In / Out / Thru
1 stereo input
2 stereo outputs
19"/5U, desktop unit and rack-mountable
color: orange, full metal housing
Per voice:
2 [ oscillators ]
[ oscillator ] synchronization
[ oscillator ] FM, fully modulatable
2 [ wave generators ]
noise generator
ring modulator
adjustable [ quality ] levels for aliasing, interpolation and clipping
[ mixer ], all levels (Wave 1, Wave 2, Noise, Ring Modulation, External In) modulatable with high resolution 2 multi mode [ filters ], connected serially
[ filter ] 1:
low pass 12dB/24dB
band pass 12dB/24dB
high pass 12dB
sinus shaper with low pass filter 12dB
wave shaper with low pass filter 12dB (selected wavetable determines the available shaper waves)
dual parallel filter with 12dB low pass and 12dB band pass, cutoff offset parameter for band pass
12dB low pass filter with filter FM (cutoff modulation through oscillator 2)
Sample & Hold with low pass filter 12dB (real time sample rate reduction down to 23Hz)
Notch 12dB/24dB
filter 2:
low pass 6dB
high pass 6dB
stereo amplifier, fully modulatable
8-time/level wave [ envelope ] with loop function, "one shot" mode, times and levels modulatable
ADSR filter [ envelope ], each phase modulatable separately
ADSR amplifier [ envelope ], each phase modulatable separately
4-time/level free [ envelope ], bipolar, one shot mode, times and levels modulatable
all [ envelopes ] work with separate trigger- and voice-modes, either monophonic or polyphonic:
single trigger with zero return
single trigger with return to last level
retrigger with zero return
retrigger with return to last level
dual mode/unisono mode/mono mode
two [ LFOs ], each with different shapes, syncable to MIDI clock, LFO 2 can be synced to LFO 1
[ modulation matrix ] with 16 slots
4 freely usable [ modifiers ] with several operators and algorithms