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Roland SP808

The SP-808 groove sampler is a unique sampling and recording workstation which is one part professional- quality phrase sampler, one part digital audio recorder. Developed to meet the needs of a growing "remix" and sampling based music market, the SP-808 provides every-thing groove musicians need.

Professional remix-orientated phrase sampler/ digital audio recorder with 8 tracks (4 stereo audio tracks) and 16 assignable sample pads per bank (64 total)

Onboard reverb, chorus and delay effects as well as distortion, lo-fi, wah, band isolator, step modulator and analog synth modelling

Built-in Zip drive records all audio tracks and samples for instant recall with no load time

Revolutionary dual D-beam controller allows for effects and sample control via hand and body movement over infrared beam

Automatic tempo calculation and display, resampling functions and time stretch functions

4 stereo tracks, Simultaneous recordable tracks - one stereo pair,
Max polyphony stereo x 4,
Sampling/ recording memory - 100Mb on zip,
44.1kHz/ 32kHz sampling rate,
24 bit signal processing,
AD conversion -
20bit/ 64 times oversampling -
AD conversion 20bit, 128 times oversampling,
sampling time/ total track minutes - 46 min. approx (44.1 kHz mono) - 64 min. approx (32 kHz mono),
Memory - songs 64,
sample banks 64,
samples 1024,
effect patches 198,
3 band parametric channel EQ,
MIDI sync method - Master=MIDI clock/ MTC & MMC,
frequency response 44.1 kHz - 10Hz - 21 kHz (3db)/ 32 kHz -10Hz to 15 kHz (3db),
Display 69 x 25 mm backlit LCD,
Connectors Mic input/ line in (L,R,RCA)/ Aux inputs(L,R,RCA)/ Master out (L,R,RCA)/ Aux outputs (L,R,RCA), headphones, footswitch,
MIDI (In, Out, Thru),
dimensions 394 x 343 x 99 mm,
weight 4.3kg
EXPANSION - SP-808-op1 - SCSI for data backup on external Zip, digital in, digital out (co-axial, optical), Track direct out (A=L,R B=L,R C=L,R; RCA)