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Pro Tools

Pro Tools Software Overview

With its matchless combination of flexibility, power, and simplicity, Pro Tools software has become the industry standard for audio production. Pro Tools software allows you to harness the power of your Digidesign hardware to move your ideas from concept to completion — all with total ease and efficiency.

Pro Tools software is designed to empower both music and post production professionals to easily achieve all of their production tasks within one easy-to-use interface. With its unique balance of power and simplicity, Pro Tools software is also perfectly suited to those just getting into digital audio production for the first time. Given Pro Tools accommodating nature and extensive functionality, there’s simply no other system or software like it.

Pro Tools software takes two forms — TDM and LE — both of which ship with their respective hardware components. The latest Pro Tools TDM software works in conjunction with Pro Tools|HD hardware to provide audio professionals with a exhaustive, extensible, high-powered feature set, capable of managing massive mixes as well as complex audio/video interactions. Pro Tools LE software works in tandem with LE hardware — Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, or Mbox — to give the home and project studio community affordable access to achieving professional results.

Whatever your experience or capacity, Pro Tools software serves as the connection between your ideas and a wide range of production options. In addition to managing the functionality of your Digidesign hardware, it furthers your possibilities by enabling you to integrate third-party hardware and software into your production environment. From seamless Avid picture workstation support to ReWire compatibility, Pro Tools brings your creative universe together, making the process of audio production as efficient, effective, and fun as possible.