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Novation BassStation

The best of the Past...

Yesterday's analogue synthesizers had a sound which today's digital machines cannot match. The breadth of sound produced by slightly de-tuned oscillators with pulse width modulation passing through a low-pass filter with a resonant sweep controlled by a good old-fashioned ADSR is something all the FM or LA synthesis, 16-bit sampling or even physical modelling cannot even begin to imitate. The re-emergence of the sounds of yesteryear in today's dance and ambient music proves there is a real lack in modern keyboards of the warmth, character and "oomph" of the analogue synth ...until now that is!

The Novation BassStation re-invents the sound of analogue, providing all the prerequisite building blocks of its sound generation process with a loving care that is reminiscent of a painter restoring an old master:

Oscillators with the classic waveforms forgotten amongst additive harmonics and PCM samples
Low-pass Filtering with all the warmth and resonance so lacking in modern synthesis methods
ADSR Enveloping which can be set intuitively without calculating the interaction of endless rate and level parameters
Low Frequency Oscillation which can directly control the harmonic content of the sound by pulse width modulation or filter cut-off
Oscillator Sync for the most complex and expressive timbres (Rack version only)
and most importantly of all, A Knob for each parameter to allow you to control it manually as you play or program.

...Updated to the Present...

However, there are a few characteristics of classic analogue synths which the Novation BassStation does not emulate: Unstable tuning, drifting settings, the inability to return to a great sound (even with a carefully filled out patch chart), not to mention unreliable circuitry and bulky, heavy casings.

Technological advances allow the BassStation to surpass the machines which inspired it through:

Accurate Digital Tuning, requiring no warm-up time or mid-performance re-adjustment
Stable Parameter Settings, which keep the sound you have created absolutely the same however long you need to use it
Preset/Memories, which allow you to instantly recall sounds created at the factory or by yourself with 100% accuracy
Reliability and Durability, thanks to modern IC-based design and production methods
Compact and Portable Case, so small and light you can carry it in a briefcase or even strap it around your neck for performing, with battery-powering for total mobility.(Keyboard version)

...Accelerated into the future

The BassStation does not stop there. Its analogue sound is fully integrated with the MIDI system which protects it against obsolescence in years to come. Not only does it transmit and receive:

MIDI Note On/Off messages, (Receive only for Rack version)
MIDI Program Change, and
MIDI Pitch Bend & Modulation, so you can record your performance and sound into a sequencer, but any changes you make to the sound using the knobs as you Play are also transmitted via
MIDI Continuous Controllers, so that these changes can be recorded and played back as well.
This means that you can add all the expression and interest you want to your performance, safe in the knowledge that all the nuances of your performance will be captured and reproduced by your sequencer.