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Line 6 POD

If you've ever been frustrated trying to get great guitar tones running direct, either live or in the studio, and you want a wide variety of classic and modern guitar or bass tones with convenient to use effects built in - then any one of the POD family will deliver all of this and more.

Line 6's revolutionary A.I.R. Modeling accurately captures the tone and feel of speaker cabinets, microphones, and studio room characteristics for an amazing recorded sound on everything from the most prestigious pro studio setup to a multi-track cassette. Sounds like having a great amp mic'd by a great engineer in a great studio.

POD 2.0

A new standard in direct guitar recording, POD is the ultimate guitar direct recording/performance tool with acclaimed Line 6 modeling and built-in stereo effects. Print this page and you can have your own color brochure!

The ultimate guitar Direct Recording tool with acclaimed Line 6 Modeling and built-in Stereo Effects. This baby can also be used as a Tone-shaping front end for any Guitar Amp, Live PA, or with Headphones.

Using a POD Mount, the POD can be secured to a standard microphone stand or slip underneath an amplifier handle.

All POD family products feature:
Award winning Line 6 Amp Models that emulate an all-star collection of legendary amplifiers.
36 user memory locations so that you can create your own customized collection of killer sounds. Organize them to match your set list, your session needs, or any doggone thing you want. After all, it's YOUR POD!
Stereo Balanced or Unbalanced +4/-10 TRS outputs, so you can plug it into anything from your home stereo to a really expensive mixing board.
Separate Stereo Headphone output to keep your neighbors (or your spouse, for that matter) from staging a counterattack when you're writing that first big hit in your apartment at 3am.
Chromatic Tuner, because playing out of tune isn't cool.
Cabinet Tuning Mode. The Amp/Direct switch allows POD to be optimized for different applications. Select Direct when running POD directly into a mixer or recorder. Select Amp when using POD as a tone-shaping front end for another amp. POD delivers several tuning modes for the Amp position, selectable at power-up. For example, by default, POD products for guitar expect to be plugged into the guitar input of an open-backed combo. Other tuning modes allow POD to be optimized for connection to the power amp input of a closed-back system, or into closed-back cabinets.
ToneTransfer Compatibility. Line 6's ToneTransfer Web Library, is constantly expanding. The sounds you collect transfer seamlessly between POD, POD Pro, and Flextone II series amps, so wherever you go, all your sounds can make the trip.


Amp Models        32, customizable
Digital Effects      16
Factory/ User Presets      36
Headphone & Direct Out      1/4 inch TRS
Power          N/A
Mono/Stereo        Stereo
Configuration      N/A