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Fender Blender

The controls for the Fender Blender are Volume, Sustain, Tone and Blend. There are two foot switches: On & Off, and Tone Boost. Ah the hugeness! What mildly disturbed effects fiend wouldn’t be able to find a smile or two, lurking within the innards of this mighty unit.

Back to the early days of guitars effects here: a neat aluminum box with four twist dials: and all of them are out of the way of your foot; when selecting options at will. In days of olde the major manufactures seemed to jump on the Big, Multi-Toned Fuzz, Distortion band wagon together: Fender "Blender", Ibanez "Standard Fuzz", Roland "Bee Baa" and "Funny Cat" and the Maestro "FZ 1-B". Then suddenly these Dinosaurs vanished from the scene.

A conspiracy, you say? Naah--- Me thinks these companies simply were able to sell more of their cheaper units with less options. Savvy, young sales executives were simply embracing the William Burroughs School of Marketing, which said: "Find out what they want, and to give it to them"!

In addition to producing a variety of fuzz/Distortion Tones, The "Blender" is conspicuous for being the closet living relative to the rare Ampeg "Scrambler" pedal. The Way Huge "Purple Platypus" has a more Ring Modulation than the Blender, but the pure, massive "Heft" of the Blender wont be denied! As Johnny Guitar Watson said: "It's a real Mother fo Ya"! The Blender doesn’t have the shocking, brass edge on bass notes, because the obvious Ring Modulation generated, upper octave is missing, but it can get a similar huge blast. Honest people: whack this sucker; while plugged into a real Amp: there's your sound pressure, even people in the house next door, will flex instinctively. Like the Scrambler, with the insane edge rolled-off. Listen up.