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Clavia Nord Modular

Nord Modular & Micro Modular specifications
The different hardware models

The Nord Modular family consists of three hardware models: Nord Modular Key, Nord Modular Rack and Nord Micro Modular. They are all built around the same type of electronics and use the same type of DSP. Nord Modular Key and Rack have 4 DSPs as standard (can be expanded to 8 with the Nord Modular Voice Expansion Board), and the Nord Micro Modular has 1 DSP (non-expandable).

Nord Modular Key and Rack specifications


Programmable polyphonic modular synthesizer
Minimum 4 voices expandable to minimum 8 voices
Maximum 32 voices depending on patch complexity
4-part multi-timbral
Holds patches (sounds) and operating system in Flash memory. Software upgradable via the computer. Dynamical patch storage in 9 banks with 99 memory locations. The amount of patches that can be stored depends on their size (number of modules used)
24-bit internal processing at 96 kHz sampling frequency MIDI features

All parameters, except for the Master Level, can transmit and receive MIDI Control Change messages. Notes can be received over the entire MIDI range. MIDI clock Synchronizing.


18 user-assignable editing knobs
18 dedicated function buttons
Rotary dial
2x16 character backlit LCD display
Two analog audio inputs, line level. 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADCs, 48 kHz sampling frequency
4 assignable outputs, line-level. 18-bit linear DACs, 96 kHz sampling frequency
Headphones output
MIDI In and Out for "public MIDI"
PC In and Out for communication with computer Editor
Control pedal, Sustain or ON/Off pedal inputs
2 octave velocity sensitive keyboard with octave shift buttons (+/- 2 octaves) (Nord Modular Key)
Midi In trig indicator (Nord Modular Rack)
Dimensions (Nord Modular Key)

473(W) 264(D) 70(H) mm
18.6"(W) 10.4"(D) 3.5"(H)
Weight: 4.7 kg, 10.36 lbs

Dimensions (Nord Modular Rack)

423(W) 176(D) 118(H) mm
16.6"(W) 6.9"(D) 4.6"(H)
19" rack mountable with supplied rack ears
Weight: 3.2 kg, 7.05 lbs