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Black Cat Ring Modulator

The Black Cat ring modulator was based on the rare and expensive Maestro ring modulator from the early 1970s. It is a complex effect, which gives weird metallic and sometimes non-musical sounds by using mathematical rather than harmonic blending of tones. Technically, it takes an input signal and modulates it with a sinewave oscillator to produce a sum and difference signal which is re-mixed with the original signal. The best sounds are made by attaching an external control pedal for the modulation frequency. Most standard voltage controllers (VC) with a stereo 1/4" plug on the end and just a potentiometer inside should work. This allows sweeping the modulation frequency as you play, or finding the "sweet spot" to the key you are playing in, for more harmonic sounds. You can play the same notes on the guitar and have it sound different by "playing" the pedal.

True Bypass Switching
12VAC adaptor included, will not run on batteries.
External modulation frequency jack included for CV pedal. Any standard controller like Korg EXP-2 or RFX 402-p pedal will work.
Frequency knob to set modulation frequency
Normal knob to set volume of uneffected sound
Effect knob to set volume of effected sound
Effects Loop jack for running through external effect(s) and returns just before the output mixing stage. This is also controlled by the Normal knob.