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Access Virus

Experts regard the Virus kb, first introduced in 1998, as the virtual-analog synthesizer that comes closest to simulating its true-analog predecessors.

In addition to its unique and balanced sound characteristics, this exceptional synthesizer also stands out because of its tremendous sonic capabilities and the attention paid to its intelligent design.

The philosophy behind the development of the Virus was to create a synthesizer with a vast palette of sonic possibilities rather than simply simulating static analog circuits. This demand made it necessary to take into consideration the numerous very fine sound details that let an analog synthesizer or an acoustic instrument sound so alive.

The Virus' powerful DSP technology allows you to create these specific sound characteristics without being restricted by traditional analog limitations. The Virus kb is the keyboard version of the Virus b. Masterkeyboard functions, a weighted high quality keyboard and two assignable wheels turn it into a great companion for everybody who's in need for a keyboard version.


High quality weighted master keyboard with 61 keys, note-on/off velocity, pitch bend, modwheel and two switches/control pedals
Wooden side pannels
Dimensions: 993 x 360 x 115 mm, weight net. = 13kg, weight incl. packaging = 16.5 kg
32 knobs
62 LEDs
24 Voices/ 16 way multi mode
512 programs [256 User / 256 ROM / 128 Multi]
4 oscillators per voice. Three main oscillators plus one sub oscillator [when using the third oscillator the virus b / kb needs up to 30% more power per voice. In full usage the virus' polyphony may therefore lose a maximum of 6 voices.]
Sawtooth, variable pulse, sine, triangle waves + 62 additional spectral waves FM [Frequency modulation] for the Oscillators with external Input signals
2 fully independent filters each user selectable as lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandreject
4 filter routings in serial/parallel configurations Up to 6 poles [36 dB] per voice
3 LFOs [68 LFO shapes]
Envelope operating mode and LFO- tempo-sync to midi clock 2 ADSTR envelopes [T=Time]
16 independent arpeggiators with numerous arpeggiator patterns and real time parameter access. Arpeggio parameters can be modulated in realtime and include swingfactor and notelenght.
82 simultaneous DSP effects like:
††Reverb [...made for sounddesigners - you even can sync the pre-delay to MIDI-clock]
††Retro phaser [6-stage stereo phaser with 24 filter-poles]
††Multiple independent saturation/distortion/LoFi effects per voice
††Saturation with multiple distortion/shaper characteristics and variable gain.
††Chorus/Flanger Voice saturation/distortion Groove-delay [digital delay with rhythmic patterns]
††Simple Delay or Groove-delay [digital delay with preset rhythmic patterns]
††32-band advanced vocoder
††Ring Modulator
††Analog Boost for true vintage tonal characteristics
††Master internal clock that drives all arpeggiators, LFOs and delay; automatic sync to MIDI Clock.
Complex modulation matrix with over 110 destinations
Complete parameter control via MIDI with "Adaptive Control Smoothing" for ultra soft parameter changes.
Full 24-bit processing; 24-bit D/A, 18-bit A/D
2 individual inputs with various signal processing features such as filter, distortion, vocoder, FM, ringmodulator, envelope follower, groove-delay
6 individual high quality outputs
Flexible internal audio routing for processing external and internal signals and effects via the filters, amplifiers and effects of other voices
Surround sound capabilities!
Free Emagic Sounddiver OEM for Virus based editor/librarian for Windows™ and MacOS™
Easy operating system updates via MIDI