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danny lohner collaborations
Danny Lohners collaborations

Angkor Wat
Album: When Obscenity Becomes
released: 1989
involvement: Sampling, Guitar, Arranger

Album: Corpus Christi
released: 1990
involvement: Sampling, co-writing (awake), guitar, bass

A perfect circle
album: The Hollow (Single)
released: 2000
involvement: remixer (Judith)

album: 3 libras import single number 2
released: Jan. 01, 2001
involvement: remixed (3 Libras)

album: ?
released: ?
involvement: danny worked with toni halliday on Tapeworm.

David Bowie
album: Im Afraid Of Americans (single)
released: 1997
involvement: Producer

album: reissued Marshall Mathers LP
released: August 20, 2001
involvement: remixing (The Way I Am)

Johnette Napolitano
album: ?
released: ?
involvement: ok, well, i came across this webpage and it says that this chick (former concrete blonde frontwoman/bassist) is working with danny on his future solo project. updated-one of the songs they worked on together could very well be on the underworld st. we'll just have to see.

Killing Joke
Single: Democracy (Single)
released: 1996
involvement: Guitar

Marilyn Manson
Album: Antichrist Superstar
released: September 8, 1996
involvement: guitar (acoustic), guitar

Methods Of Mayhem
Album: Methods Of Mayhem
released: Decemer 7, 1999
involvement: Guitar

Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Downward Spiral
released: March 8, 1994
involvement: Guitar

Album: Further Down The Spiral
released: may 30, 1995
involvement: recreation

Single: The Perfect Drug (Single)
released: May 13, 1997
involvement: Guitar, Bass, co-writing

Album: The Fragile
released: Sept. 21, 1999
involvement: Synthesizer, guitar, Ambience, Drum Programming & co-writing (Somewhat Damaged & Even Deeper)

Single: We're In This Together, Part 3
released: Dec. 6, 1999
involvement: Remixer (Complications Of The Flesh)

album: things falling apart
released: October 24, 2000
involvement: production crew, remixing

album: and all that could have been
released: jan. 22, 2002
involvement: performance (bass, guitar, keyboard) and co-writing (and all that could have been)

professional murder music
album: ?
released: ?
involvement: worked on "Still Don't Know" which will be on an upcoming compilation.

Rob Zombie
Album: Hellbilly Deluxe
released: August 25, 1998
involvement: co-writing (creature core), Bass, Guitar

Album: The Sinister Urge
released: November 13, 2001
involvement: guitar

album: ?
released: ?
involvement: i'm not sure, all i know is that they were going to work on something.

Album: Burning In Water, Drowning In Flames
released: December 1991
involvement: Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Producer, co-writing


Trust Co.
album: The Lonely Position of Neutral
released: 2002
invovlement: programming, producer, mixing

album: ?
released: i don't think it's been released
involvement: remixed (Elevation)

Wes Borland
album: ?
released: ?
invovlement: working on some different projects, including soundtracks

album: Underworld ST
released: September 9, 2003
involvment: producer and probably a bunch of other stuff

album: rain soundtrack
released: ?
involvement: helped with the score

album: world traveler soundtrack
released: May 7, 2002
involvement: well, at clintatthecontrols.com, it says that danny helped with the score.

album: The Hole soundtrack
released: ?
involvment: ?

album: Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)
song: Scum Of The Earth - Rob Zombie
released: 2000
involvement: guitar

album: End Of Days (Soundtrack)
song: So Long - Everlast
released: November 2, 1999
involvement: co-writer, producer

album: Lost Highway (Soundtrack)
released: February 18, 1997
song: the perfect drug
involvment: writer
song: driver down
involvment: guitar