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No, You Didn't

spitting in their faces
while feeling so low
there's lots of dirty little places
on your filthy, big ass, run out
torn down, shit on soul
your esteems got a problem
tried so hard to hide
got to keep it under the surface
because it doesn't make you look good on the other side
hate in your eyes to everyone you know
you can keep on yelling till your voice won't go
when it starts to hurt it only lets you know
hatings all you need
(but not on my time)
no, you didn't
and just for the helping
just so you know
i never thought
that you could hate everyone you know
you think you can take it
but i know you can't
you think you hurt everything
but no, you didn't
no, you didn't
no, you didn't
no, you didn't
no, you didn't

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