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(eat your heart out steve)
i wanna date you maybe
i wanna take you out
i wanna wine and dine you
oh, i wanna twist and twist and shout

i want you hot in my arms
so soft on my bed
you get the key to my heart
oh, when you wear that sweat dress

but you're too physical
physical to me
you're just too physical
physical to me

i want your rough house, baby
i want this right in your ear
you let me feel your danger
i let you make this feeling clear, here
i want the touch of your charms
the heat of your breath
i wanna say all those things
that would be better unsaid

but you're to physical
physical to me
you're just to physical
oh, you're to physical for me
you're to physical to me

ohhh, goddamnit

you're just to physical
you're just to physical
to fucking physical
no, no, no, no, no, no

ohh, you're to physical ...