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halo 5-broken

Released: Sept. 22, 1992

all songs written, performed and produced by trent reznor except 2, 3 and 6 produced by flood and trent reznor.

caution: not for use with mono devices.

management: John A. Malm Jr for conservative
assistants: Brian Liesagang, Sean Beaven, Chris Vrenna
additional engineers, etc. along the way: Paul Kendall, the kill Bennedy, Leo Herrara, John (genghis) Aguto, Mike Baumgartner, Martin Brumbach, Trevor Bum-Cleaver Sadler
extra real drums on 2 and 6: Martin Atkins, Chris Vrenna
barks and roars: Maise

the sound of this recording was influenced by my live band in 1991 featuring: Richard Patrick, Jeff Ward, James Wooley
studios: Hell (New Orleans), Royal Recorders (Lake Geneva), South Beach Studios (Miami Beach), Village Recorder (Los Angeles), A and M (Los Angeles), Pig (Beverly Hills)
mastering: Tom Baker at Futuredisc
merchandise: Paul Steels and Jerry Long
legal: Michael S. Toorock
booking: Gerry Gerard for intertalent
publicity: Sioux Zimmerman

thank you: jimmy iovine, ros earls, island uk, eric greenspan, rick rubin, joe mcewen, seymour stein, susie tallman, mark o'shea, ian copeland, a and m studios and kevin westenberg, sheira rees-davies

no thanks: you know who you fucking are

the slave thinks he is released from bondage only to find a stronger set of chains

sleeve design and photography: Gary Talpas for black sun
(c) 1992 leaving mope/tvt music, inc., ascap. all rights reserved. used by permission.

7 written by a. ant (c) 1980 colgems emi music inc. on behalf of ant music ltd ascap. 8. written by t. reznor/pigface (c) 1991 thunbless music/leaving hope/tvt music inc. ascap.