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halo 13-the day the world went away
halo 13-The Day The World Went Away

Released: July 20, 1999

produced by Trent Reznor and Alan Moulder
mixed by Alan Moulder

management by John A Malm Jr for Conservative

01 + 03 R Reznor 02 T Reznor C Clouser 02 contains elemants from "Shout It Out Loud" performed by Kiss used courtesy of mercury records under license from universal music special markets inc. 01 + 03 (c) 1998 leaving hope music/tvt musicinc (ascap). administered by leaving hope music inc. 02 (c) 1998 leaving hope music/tvt music inc (ascap) administeredby leaving hope music inc/hypercube music/warner tamerlane music (bmi)/quakenbush music limited (ascap)administered by polygram international music publishing inc. all rights reserved. used by permission.