Nine Inch Nails in your head
by Steve Bauman

August 2002 - Computer Games Mag.

The extra oomph from the updated visuals should help show you a lot of scary things, but Antkow thinks audio is another key component to building tension. “It’s safe to say [Doom III] will be the most sonically pleasing game yet,” he boasts. The person in charge of generating much of that audio is Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor. He’ll be creating all the those wonderful screams, groans, gunshots, and audio loops. Reznor does all of the sound himself including the actual foley recording, which involves banging stuff together and recording it to DAT, then manipulating it to sound like a proper door closing or table falling over. This is Reznor’s second id product, as he previously did all of the sound work for the original Quake.
  With the talent involved, and the history of the DOOM legacy behind it, id certainly hasd its work cut out for it. Expectations are likely to be through the roof, but if the entire game can match the drama of one scene in the demo, where as you approach a door you see your shadow cast on the floor in front of you subsequently eclipsed by a demon-shaped one, maybe it will meet, if not exceed them all. If they’re worried, they’re certainly not showing it.
 &nsp;”We’re going to redefine what people expect to see in a PC game experience,” says Hollenshead, “and provide something they haven’t had an opportunity to experience before.”