Interview On Havoc 2000 Deluxe BDO Special

At the start of the interview Havoc holds up a Coke bottle and says "This is good product placement, eh?" to the cameraman, and hides it out of view. As a voice over Havoc says "The may produce a blistering wall of sound live, and talk about you-know-what-ing you like an animal, but watch as Danny puts the Coke out of harms way".

They show Danny (in a motorhead t-shirt) placing the Coke bottle carefully out of the shot in slo-motion.

The voice over says "I know when I was 16 wearing a motorhead t-shirt, I would have knocked that coke over.. hmm.."

Even though it is taking the piss it is amusing as hell.

After the second round of drinks arrives in 30 seconds courtesy of Newsboy, Danny seems bemused and says "Theres a joke going on here I aren't aware of". But he seems amused at the interview as does Charlie.

HAVOC: I was gonna ask Trent this. Are there times when you just wanna get up and sing a happy song, and stroll around whistling like a sparrow, through the foyer and go for a swim and get out there, while the fans go "what are you doing man?"..

DANNY: We have got a good happy song, its gonna be on the next record actually. I inspired this song, it's called "Danny Lohner is a positive guy". I dunno if we are doing it anyore, if you interview him definitely ask him about it.

(He is obviously joking, but I am sure there are some amusing musical snippets on the servers in Nothing records).

CHARLIE: We're doing an acapella number.

HAVOC: Do you get paid by Trent?

DANNY: (to Charlie) "This guy!!!". he is amused.

CHARLIE: Yeah occasionally.

HAVOC: Is that the way it works, are you on a wage?

CHARLIE: More or less

DANNY: (with innuendo) We got a payment system goin' on.
Cuts to voice over pretending to be a Nin band member: "Dear Trent, there appears to have been an error in my payslip this week, I smashed _two_ guitars on stage on Wednesday night, and one on the Friday".

HAVOC: What's the thing people should get about the band but don't, you know, when you read a review or an interview?

CHARLIE: I think they get it alot of the time. (very pensive).

DANNY: That I put alot of effort into my outfit but nobody ever talks about it.

The footage is frozen on screen and Havoc voices over: "I'll talk about it right now, the hat he is wearing says "white trash", but his manners would say otherwise. The t-shirt he is wearing is a "motorhead england" shirt which only came out when motorhead got there _second_ wave of popularity".

HAVOC: You ever wanna drop one down in 4/4 time and get that riff hummin'?

They both laugh

CHARLIE: "Its easy to know when things aren't right for Nin. It's easier to tell what isn't right than what is right".

Voice over: (Newsboy): "I noticed Danny was tucked in, do you tuck in a motorhead t-shirt?"