Le cimetière des CD
feb. 2002

Trent: Some records that changed my life Probably ahhh Pink Foyd's The Wall, you know, the prerequisites of music is one step at a time [laughs], so... it influenced me. Ministry's "Twitch" album, in its day, turned my head around. Ahh... How many left? [laughs]

VJ: Three more.

Trent : Ahh I'll blend it into one that I'm most listening to currently. I think that Radiohead, "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" combo, this one has been very influential to me lately. [shots of Radiohead's "Idiotheque" video]

At the moment, I'm listening to a lot of Spiritualized, that is the "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" album in particuliar. I saw them live and I was really interested in their... [VJ cuts short]

VJ: The hown section is just gigantic!

Trent: Yeah, it was in a church and... it seemed very cool.

VJ : Radiohead, they're in the same kind of situation as yours. You know, in terms of of people saying [VJ takes a really nasty voice] "Oh, you know, they're trying something new, that sucks!" [Trent looks sceptical] You know, or either people that are, you know, really into listening "Great?". Did you have to re-examine your role as an artist like them?

Trent: Well, I admire those who have the guts to try something different, especially when what they were doing wasn't failing. You know, they were successful with what they were doing and they have the courage to try something that is different. I try do to the same thing with records I do. And you always hate people that will complain about that, as people hate change. And, I mean, I think some artists are good at just one thing and should just keep doing that thing. I hope that I'm not one of them, you know, so I'm working on it. But it does come at a price when you can't satisfy the pessimists and the close-minded people. You didn't do what they wanted, but you can't... you can't try to please everyone.
[Interview ends with shots form Radiohead's "Knives out" video]