Nine Inch Nails 'And All That Could Have Been' Released - 01/22/2002

Nine Inch Nails' live album, And All That Could Have Been, is set for release today (January 22), and the band is promoting the release in New York with an in-store at the Times Square Virgin Megastore.

Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor told LAUNCH that the DVD version is available in surround sound to simulate the concert experience. "When we went to mix the audio for this, for the DVD, in the surround, it was to kind of simulate you're in the crowd watching the show. It wasn't like the guitar player is going to be behind you and the lead vocals are going to be flying over your head and stuff like that--which you're tempted to do because you can--it was more to really make it an engulfing experience for the listener," he said.

Reznor added, "For the visual it was focusing on what you would see if you snuck a camera into the concert rather than focus on backstage nonsense of a lot of shots of what it looks like behind the drum kit. Things like that."

The video is also available in VHS format, and a CD version of And All That Could Have Been is being released as well. A bonus CD, titled Still, was released as part of a special deluxe-audio package and is also available through the Nine Inch Nails website

-- Darren Davis, New York