Nine Inch Nails DVD/Live Album To Come With Bonus CD Containing New Tunes - 01/15/2002

And All That Could Have Been, the forthcoming Nine Inch Nails live CD and DVD, is set for release January 22. It will include a nine-song companion disc titled Still, which features four Nine Inch Nails favorites recorded live in a "deconstructed" fashion, four new instrumental tracks, and one brand-new track with vocals titled "And All That Could Have Been."

Still is available on CD alone or as part of the And All That Could Have Been deluxe audio package. It will also be offered through Nine Inch Nails frontman and creator Trent Reznor told LAUNCH the idea of a companion disc with every CD was thrown out after he realized some retailers would likely price the set like a double-CD."My original idea was that the CD version would have a companion disc with it for free that was deconstructed songs, some of which we did for a radio show in Chicago, some of which we had kind of demo-ed up as ways to do the songs live in a different format a while ago, some of which I did after we got done touring, just messing around. And they were some of my favorite songs that I had that we didn't play on this tour because it didn't work in the set right," he said.

Reznor added, "In the context of a big live visceral explosive live show, I felt there wasn't a place for these things. But they were lying around and I thought they made an interesting sonic counterpoint to what the proper live record was."

-- Darren Davis, New York