Nine Inch Nails/A Perfect Circle Tour Underway, Manson In Video? - 04/12/2000

(4/12/00, 5 p.m. ET) - Nine Inch Nails is set to launch a tour with A Perfect Circle tonight (April 12) in Cleveland, Ohio. Recently, there were several dates added to the tour in cities that already have sold-out shows.

Circle singer Maynard Keenan told LAUNCH that he and his mates have their work cut out for them opening for one of alternative rock's biggest artists and while also trying to live up to the rep of his other band, Tool. "I would expect that we're gonna have a rough road because, of course, everybody wants to hear Nine Inch Nails," Keenan said. "They're not there to see us, so we've got that hurdle. We played about a month of shows back in August and the wonderful thing about that was that rarely did anyone in the audience demand to hear Tool songs, so hopefully those people will be showing up at the Nails show because we'll certainly need their support."

Reports that Marilyn Manson is in the upcoming Nails video for "Starf-kers, Inc." stemmed from some loose-lipped DJ's at a Los Angeles radio station. At press time, there was no confirmation from either side as to whether Manson is in the video, but if he does appear in the clip it would mark an end to a longstanding feud between the him and Nails frontman Trent Reznor.

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