Nine Inch Nails Give New York Fans A Treat - 05/10/2000

(5/10/00, 4 p.m. ET) - Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor settled the alleged feud between him and Marilyn Manson Tuesday night (May 9) by inviting his protégé up on stage at New York's Madison Square Garden. Manson, who appears in Nine Inch Nails' ""Starsuckers" video, came out halfway through a live performance of the song during the encore. Nine Inch Nails then went into Manson's hit "Beautiful People," and the crowd erupted. Nine Inch Nails then closed the show with "Hurt" as its second encore.

Manson not only appears in the "Starsuckers" video, he also directed it, with the help of Robert Hale. He told LAUNCH about the collaboration with Reznor. "Personality-wise we're good friends, but we're kind of coming from different ends of the spectrum. He's more...he's a little bit more miserable than me," Manson said. "I see things as being just as dispariging as he does, but I sort of jump around in it and enjoy the destruction of it all. Whereas it seems from a friend's point of view that it gets to him more than it gets to me."

A Perfect Circle, featuring Tool vocalist Maynard Keenan, kicked off the show, and had more staging than the usual support act.

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