Nine Inch Nails Cancels Gig Due To Band Emergency And Trent's Vocals - 05/11/2000

(5/11/00, 5 p.m. ET) - Nine Inch Nails canceled Wednesday night's (May 10) show at the Long Island, New York venue Nassau Coliseum due to what Nothing Records said was swollen vocal cords. In an interview with LAUNCH today (May 11), NIN drummer Jerome Dillon said that there was more behind the cancellation than people were led to believe.

So what went down? "Well, a few different things, actually," he said. "Mainly there was a medical emergency that I'm not at liberty to talk about right now. With the nature of our stage show being the way that it is, members of the band kind of take their life in their hands at points during the course of the tour. We had an injury at Madison Square [Garden] the other night that we didn't think was that serious. And we got off stage and we got back to the hotel and everybody was a little concerned," he added.

"But that compounded with the fact that basically Trent blew his voice out at Madison Square Garden the night before -- those two things compounded each other and wouldn't have made for a very good show at Nassau," he said.

When asked if everything was OK now with the situation, Dillon remained cryptic, "Everything's cool and we're going to continue. We always find a way to continue." Calls to Nothing's representatives to find out the complete nature of the injury were not returned at press time.

Dillon was in the studio promoting his work on the song "Chow," which was penned for the new John Waters film, Cecil B. Demented, due out this summer. The film stars Melanie Griffith and Stephen Dorff.

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