Nine Inch Nails Remix CD To Feature Gary Numan Cover, Unreleased Song - 09/18/2000

(9/18/00, 5 p.m. ET) - Nine Inch Nails are readying Things Falling Apart for release October 24. It will feature an unreleased track and a Gary Numan cover. Frontman Trent Reznor and company have covered Numan's "Metal," and have tweaked "The Great Collapse," which was written during recording sessions for the band's last full-length album, The Fragile. Things Falling Apart follows in the spirit of previous NIN remix albums Farther Down The Spiral and Fixed.

In other NIN news, they'll release a DVD/VHS in mid-November featuring footage from their Fragility v.2.0 tour.

The Things Falling Apart track listing is as follows: "Slipping Away" - remix of "Into The Void" by Reznor and Alan Moulder; "The Great Collapse" - Reznor and Moulder; "The Wretched" - remixed by Keith Hillebrandt; "Starf*ckers Inc." - remixed by Adrian Sherwood"; The Frail" - remixed by Benelli; "Starfu*kers Inc." -remixed by Dave Ogilvie; "Where Is Everybody" - remixed by Danny Lohner and Teflon Tel Aviv; "Metal" - Reznor and Moulder (originally recorded by Gary Numan); "10 Miles High" -remixed by Hillebrandt; "Starf*ckers Inc." - remixed by Charlie Clouser.
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