N*E*R*D And NIN's Reznor Get Alternative 'Lapdance'
launch.com - 07/03/2001

(7/3/01, 7 a.m. ET) -- N*E*R*D, composed of Neptunes duo Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, plus MC Shay, has enlisted Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor to record an alternative remix of "Lapdance," the group's Number 37 Hot Rap Single. Reznor's version was recorded in his New Orleans studio and will be serviced to alternative radio in coming weeks.

Williams says he is happy with the way the remix turned out. "It was a pleasure meeting Trent, and I was very excited to know our music reached the likes of someone of his stature," he noted. "With all the dope sh-t he creates, and with the albums they have, it was great to have him remix our single."

Despite being known for their hits with Mystikal, Jay-Z, Kelis, and Ol' Dirty Bastard, the Neptunes have broad music interests, and have also worked with alternative band No Doubt. In February, Hugo told LAUNCH that the group doesn't have a problem working with artists from other genres.

"I would say it's easy in the sense that we just like to bring our musical ideas to the table," Hugo said. "But the artist is the one that's really important. They're the ones that shine, and at the end of the day the one delivering the messages. So when we get with these people, we can only give them our ideas, and how we want to hear them. Yeah, we're doing the No Doubt stuff, but it's kinda easy because we're musicians at the same time. We're not just beatmakers."

The album version of "Lapdance" will also appear on the soundtrack for the Jet Li film Kiss Of The Dragon. N*E*R*D's debut album In Search Of is expected to be released this summer.

-- Billy Johnson Jr., Los Angeles