Nailed down
May 2000 orlando weekley

Industrial-metal titans Nine Inch Nails roar into Lakeland Civic Center on Thursday, May 18, with opening act (and Tool side project) Perfect Circle in tow. NIN keyboardist and electronic producer/remixer Charlie Clouser called to check in from "trendy South Beach" before the dark lords head north.

OW: Spending a little time in Florida?

We rolled in yesterday and ... I'm actually in my hotel room with this huge-ass pile of computer gear working on a remix. In theory, I'm having fun.

Tell me about Tapeworm, your side project with Trent.

When Danny Lohner, the guitar player, and I first moved to New Orleans and made the plan with Trent to be involved with the new album ["The Fragile"] ... we knew that as we were generating tracks and song ideas that we would have a lot of things that were good, but not Nine Inch Nails. ... Trent had always been saying ... that he wanted to do a side project that would allow him to explore music that wasn't necessarily Nine Inch Nails ... some good, heavy music that can be fun, not necessarily like the art project that NIN has become. ... I've got this pile of maybe 40 instrumental tracks ... sitting in my computer begging me to work on it instead of this remix.

What do you enjoy most about playing with Trent?

The sheer energy that comes across live on stage and the chaos factor and the shoulder-checking that goes on between bandmates. ... People do get knocked-down and guitars do get thrown and drum kits do get pulled across the stage. Guitar players get thrown into the audience and water bottles hit you in the head.

Do you guys still powder down with cornstarch before you hit the stage?

Yeah, we get a little bit of grime on beforehand, cause we don't want to come out looking too clean.

Still breaking stuff onstage?

I think that we are up to, like, 14 keyboards now that have bit the dust and many guitars. Trent is always chucking guitars around.