Reznor's Tapeworm Writhing

What a nasty headline. But nasty or not, Trent Reznor's pet studio project, Tapeworm is indeed finally rearing its slimy head. The band's first album, tentatively scheduled for a late fall release, will even feature a cameo by Tool/A Perfect Circle's Maynard James Keenan. Tapeworm proper is actually comprised of Reznor, programmer/remixer Charlie Clouser, and guitarist Danny Lohner. The project has been in the works for some time at Nothing Records' recording studio in New Orleans. Keenan's contribution to the as-yet-untitled Tapeworm album is the track "Vacant," recorded back in 1999, which A Perfect Circle fans will recognize as one of the band's live staples. Reznor himself sings backing vocals on the track. In related news, according to a posting on the Nine Inch Nails website at, it's revealed that Trent, Alan Moulder, and Keith Hillebrandt have begun a string of new recording sessions at the Nothing studios, and have finished up more than an album's worth of demos. Reznor calls the new material "very unlike The Fragile," and "may not even be released as NIN material." HmmmF NIN recently released Things Falling ApartM, a remix CD, and are also prepped to release the Fragility VHS/DVD/CD-which documents the band's 1999-2000 Fragility 2.0 tour-sometime in the first of this year. Keep checking the band website for more news, downloads, and video clips.

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