Metropol Inteview w/ Charlie Clouser & Danny Lohner
Transcribed by Tamio Oceania

Metropol TV: I'm sitting here with the band Nine Inch Nails, actually the entire band, minus one, Trent Reznor. (translated from Norwegian)
M: You're Nine Inch Nails as we can see you on tour, and explain why Trent Reznor is not here?

Charlie: Well, I think he's just sitting across the patio here, doing yet another interview.

M: But describe a little bit of the difference between Nine Inch Nails as a tour, band and as a studio band?

Charlie: Well, Trent had, you know, over the course of the first three albums. Trent had done almost all of the writing and the playing all by himself. And then there was a stretch when we was touring for about two years in 94 and 95, and at the end of that whole process I think he wanted to try to inject some of the energy from the live band into the studio experience.

M: How can you describe the Nine Inch Nails live, your music compared to what we can hear on the albums? And what does your concerts consist of?

Danny: Well, what does it consist of, in terms of what?

M: songs

Danny: Well, I dunno, I'll answer that one last, because I'll have to think about that one. That one may be a Robin question! But, the way I see it as it comes off live, if I was to describe it to someone who has never seen the band before, a lot of people would think that listening to the albums, it's somewhat heavy reliant on production and stuff, like how do you achieve that live, or how does it would it be any good live? And, first of all, I think we have done a good job of recreating the technology, it's a pretty smart band, and we've managed to make it happen and, we re-evaluate the songs, can I say that? (looking at the other guys) Right, we re-evaluate the songs, so they're interpreted, what I like to assume a slightly more a lot of the songs, more heavy interpreted as more aggressive. (Jerome laughs, and Danny points at him) You haven't spoken once, don't laugh at me!

M: We have to edit this together and see if we can get last word from Trent Reznor... (goes on to say something in Norwegian)

M: Hi, I'm Halvard.

Trent: Hello.

M: First, how do you feel about being in the Bible belt playing? Trent: Is this the Bible belt? (laughs) I don't know, bringing a little word of darkness to people out there (smiles), I don't know. This is the first time I've been here. I just saw a little bit of it this morning, we got in late last night, and it's beautiful!

M: OK, could you sign some of the CD's here? I've been thinking about that when I listen to it, it's quite schizophrenic. It's dark and then you have those beautiful pop tunes. Is it done on purpose or...?

Trent: Umm

M: just from emotions? New emotions?

Trent: One of the things when I set out to make this record, um, I really didn't know what it's gonna turn out like, but one of the blueprints was to try to expand what Nine Inch Nails is. What you could expect from Nine Inch Nails. And I think that on Downward Spiral, which I think was a very dark and destructive record. I wanted to kind of smash everything around, and systematically kind of disassemble my entire life and head. And with this record, I started off at the bottom emotionally I was really at the bottom, where I ever been in my whole life, and I was depressed, and I wanted to back my way out of that corner and I realized that you can't make a record that's faster and harder and meaner andí cause you to hit a brick wall after a while. And this record was a lot more about repair. So, I mean, it may not read as an overly positive record, but I think it is aspiring to make some sense out of where my head was at...And even from the cover being the way it is, it's about things over-lapping, things that may not seem like they shouldn't be together. And it really reflects accurately where I was two years ago. It took two years make that record. Which is schizophrenic (laughs).

M: Thank you. I actually stole the interview now. Because I didn't have an interview appointment! It was only five seconds (laughs to crew)

Trent: That's quite all right (smiles).

M: Thank you!