NIN Doing Fragility DVD

Nine Inch Nails bringing 2000 tour to your living room

Nine Inch Nails' critically acclaimed trek that was 1999's the Fragility Tour will come to small screens this year. The as-yet-untitled DVD/VHS will also come with a companion audio CD complementing the footage collected on film. "I thought the show was really, really good when we were doing it," says NIN frontman Trent Reznor. "[The DVD] is just kind of a memento, a reminder, a document of the Fragility Tour. That's what it's based on."

To capture the epic vibe of the tour, Reznor had to keep it simple. "I made the big mistake of [originally] hiring a big company to come in and film it, and a lot of times the end result is either Bon Jovi HBO-looking special, with sweeping cameras; there's always something that missed the mark. So we did everything with hand-held video cameras and just had people in the crew and friends film and kind of capture what the show really felt like being there."

The DVD features surround sound and contains none of the backstage footage that usually accompanies live videos and DVDs. "We did a lot of research on what other bands had done and mistakes they've made and learned a lot from engineers on the cutting edge of that field," Reznor says.

He says that the studio work on the DVD only made getting back into the studio for the next Nine Inch Nails record that much easier. "We used it as a nice segue from coming from the road mentality back into the studio, getting manuals out, getting that part of your brain working again."

While Reznor already has material ready for a new record, he's also been busying himself with film-scoring, production and remixing work. He's just finished a remix of "Lapdance" by N.E.R.D., the new project from the production duo the Neptunes. He may next work with hip-hop upstart Kelis.

[Working with Nine Inch Nails] becomes a bit incestuous," Reznor says. "The idea of just being with some other people right now excites me."

(June 8, 2001)