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Nine Inch Nails Road Return

Nine Inch Nails kicked off their first North American tour since 1995 this week in band leader Trent Reznor's home city of Cleveland, Ohio (April 12 at the Cleveland State University Convocation Center). The five man industrial rock onslaught (propelled by drummer Jerome Dillon, bass player Danny Lohner, keyboardist Charlie Clouser, and guitarist Robin Finck) took the stage, following a largely well-received opening set from Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan's new project Perfect Circle, and began an anonymous rendition of "Somewhat Damaged" (off last year's critically acclaimed The Fragile). Reznor and company performed the song from behind a giant, black curtain, which dropped to reveal the band, decked out in military fatigues. While stark, white lights burned and images flickered across the video monitor set-up, NIN treated the near-sellout crowd to an oldie, Pretty Hate Machine's "Terrible Lie." Reznor continued to mine his past glories with the Downward Spiral rocker "March of the Pigs," and the set ending "Closer," and (PHM's) "Head Like A Hole," however, the encores were largely drawn from his latest epic. "Starfuckers Inc.," reportedly set to be the group's next single, and "The Day the World Went Away," segued into NIN's traditional show stopper, the ballad "Hurt," which reportedly induced a mass sing-a-long. Reznor's road show pulls into the Detroit Area tonight.