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Manson And Reznor Reconciled, But Not Best Friends

Marilyn Manson's appearance during the encore of Nine Inch Nails' Madison Square Garden show on May 9 (LAUNCH, 5/10) signaled an end to the feud between Manson and NIN mastermind Trent Reznor.

Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon told LAUNCH the musical cold war was ended thanks to a call by Manson. "The idea was with the reconciliation and the amount of things that have been in the press between Trent and Manson," Dillon said. "The idea was basically he called Trent up weeks ago, and said 'I've got an idea for the 'Starf-kers' video. I want to direct it and I want to be in it. Please hear me out. I know this sounds completely crazy,' whatever. And they hadn't talked in quite a while, and the only communication was in the press where they were basically sh*t-canning each other. The end of that was the end of that. They're not the best of friends now, but everything is cool and it was just a blast."

-- Darren Davis, New York