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Kerrang! Magazine July 2000


Nine Inch Nails' no-show at The Lost Weekend, due to drummer Jerome Dillon's illness, has provoked outrage from fans. Here's what you have to say…
Like what happened? Shambles! Farce! Joke! The Lost Weekend was well and truly lost. Did Mr Reznor not have a Plan B? Didn't Mr Perfect Circle Drummer, Josh Freese, know the set after touring with them for 10 weeks? Where was the song file in Pro Tools with the drum patterns on it? He could have even had it on DAT for gawd's sake!

I heard from some guys on the tube to the gig and thought they were winding me up. Then my mate phoned me and confirmed it. Gutted? Understatement of the year! I didn't go in and I certainly wasn't wasting my money on Ash as headliners. Ash? Indie band. Duh! Also, Queen Adrena and A Perfect Circle may well be good but not THAT good.

There were a lot of unhappy faces there (more than usual, I mean!) and we heard of one girl who came from South Africa just to see them. As you may guess, when she heard the news she burst into tears! Bad call, Mr Reznor. Lots of money wasted. Lots of fans were disappointed. I, for one, want a handwritten apology. Also, a rescheduled gig wouldn't go amiss.

I quote Mr Reznor in Kerrang! 808: "On our previous tour the audience was our enemy but this time around we are best friends with the audience at the end of the shows. Everyone's connected."

Try to remember that, Trent. Your hard work and our devotion put you up there.

Don't lose touch with your fans.

G Seymour, Andover, UK.

I have had my The Lost Weekend tickets for over two months. That's two months of anticipation and excitement, only to be completely disappointed moments before the doors were set to open.

Nine Inch Nails were the main reason for most people's attendance at this gig and the news that they were not going to be there was an immense bombshell. I know that I am not alone in feeling as though I had been let down by the band, the venue and the promoters. Train, and indeed, gig tickets are not cheap, especially when you do not earn a great deal, so naturally I was furious as the waste of my time and money.

I can sympathise that illness is unforeseen and unavoidable but surely something could have been done to ensure the band played anyway. There are other drummers in the world and it could not have been too difficult to draft someone in as a last minute replacement - even Korn managed that one. Then again, what does a huge rock star like Trent Reznor care about a few hundred disappointed fans when he has his millions with which to console himself. As it was, a lot of fans went home without entering the venue, which must have caused a financial loss to the organisers.

It was our choice, but at the end of the day the majority of us came specifically to see Nine Inch Nails and went home feeling cheated. Bands sometimes forget that without the people who buy their albums and go to see them live, they would not have a career.

I hope Trent Reznor does not fall into this category and this is just a one off. I was looking forward to the potential gig of the year but it was not to be. Somehow Ash and Queen Adreena just did not compare. I should have gone to the Millennium Dome instead.

Lucy, Leighton Buzzard, UK.

The Lost Weekend? Wasted Weekend, more like! I'd like to thank Trent Reznor and NIN for wasting £160 of my money, making me travel 300 miles there and back.

So what f**king happened then, Trent? Didn't sell enough tickets for your ego, or was it that you knew you couldn't compare with A Perfect Circle. Whatever the reason, Trent, you can just f**k off! You disappointed a lot of people. And, no, one rescheduled date in London won't do. There are four countries that make up Britain, so how about a date in each? Pearl Jam did it, so why can't you? Oh yeah, it's because you're a twat. F**k off and self-destruct you dick!

J Dickman, South Wales.

The back of my NIN tour T-shirt reads 'Fragility 2000: Where The F**k Were you?'. How ironic, Trent. Fair enough, Jerome was ill, but hell, you could have done something! Come onstage and apologise? You and the other band members could have done a signing session, so at least the fans (many of who travelled a long way especially for you) could see you. You must have been there, because Danny Lohner came out with A Perfect Circle (who, incidentally, were monumental). I admit we weren't really cheated money-wise, as refunds were available, but I feel let down as a fan. It's not often NIN do a UK show, and then this is what we get. All credit to the other bands on the bill, however - especially Ash - for trying to close a show to a NIN crowd who couldn't care less (me not included), and fighting off constant requests for 'Head Like A Hole'. What makes things worse is that the floor was half empty after most NIN fans had got their refund and gone home, so it wasn't quite the arena event I was hoping for. So, before cancelling a show in the future, boys, read back on your own tour shirts. I was there, but where the f**k were YOU?

P Withers, UK.

After Nine Inch Nails pulled out, we were all left with a sense of despair. Rumours circulated that Jerome Dillon wasn't really ill, but in fact Trent Reznor had smashed a keyboard into his face during the previous show. I wonder if this is true? If it is, I think Trent should play in this country again this year. He owes it to his fans.

Many people had come a long way just to see NIN. Without Ash's spirited performance it would have been too much to bear.

Dan, Portsmouth, UK