Trent Reznor Finds New Direction, With Help Of Bowie
MTV Music Online September 1997

September 11 [12:00 EDT] -- Trent Reznor is now at work on the next Nine Inch Nails album with producer Rick Rubin. Reznor says in an interview in the new issue of "CMJ New Music Monthly" that it's bound to sound a lot different than his previous work.

He also says that NIN had become "a parody of itself" after its last tour, so he began taking stock of himself and his music.

Reznor says that he realized he was bored with industrial music, and began getting into drum n' bass, jungle, hip-hop and especially, Erykah Badu.

He also turned to U2 frontman Bono at one point for advice on what musical direction to go in, and got songwriting tips from David Bowie, with whom NIN toured two years ago.

As we reported earlier this week, Bowie (who's current U.S. tour plays Los Angeles on Saturday) has told reporters that his next single will be a Reznor remix of "I'm Afraid Of Americans," but neither Reznor's camp nor Bowie's will confirm that.