Reznor's Pretty Hate Machine
Kerrang 03.94

Another place to be was the Hollywood club Helter Skelter. NINE INCH NAILS played an oh-so-tight-lipped-super-sercret show for "fans only". So exclusive was this club date that the band's record company were told not to come and that if they did they wouldn't be allowed it!

I don't think that sat too well with the higher-ups at Trent Reznor's US label, Interscope - especially since they've just shelled out a mint making the new NIN LP, 'The Downward Spiral'.

According to one of the mere 500 people who got in to see the gig, the 'Nails played for an hour. And judging by the screams of glee from the crowd, Trent Reznor is including some tracks of 'Pretty Hate Machine' in the live show. Look out England!