Lollapalooza Revisited
MTV ??.91

MTV NEWS: I just wanted to ask you guys about how you got involved with the Lollapalooza tour, when you heard about it in the first place?

TRENT REZNOR: We heard about it maybe four, five months ago and I guess it was kind of up to Jane's Addiction who was gonna be on tour. We have always been fans of theirs. We played a couple shows in L.A. with them and I was flattered to be asked, to be part of something that could be pretty cool, so.

MTV NEWS: Do you guys have anything special thing planned for the hot weather here?

RICHARD PATRICK: Drink lots of water I guess.

TRENT: I mean the whole idea of playing outside for us is a totally foreign idea because we are a totally, indoors, controlled environment, dark band and initially when we were asked to do this, our reservations were trying to translate to a big venue and the outside, in the daylight and not have the things we were accustomed to and then we tried to change that into a challenge to make it, to try to adapt the set to work in an outdoor, hostile environment. I really don't like playing big venues. I much prefer clubs where people can interact. It's very impersonal when people are miles away from people, so.

MTV NEWS: What kind of set are you planning?

TRENT: We can play 45 minutes, so we've made it more aggressive than we have been in the past and musically it's tougher and it should be more exhausting, and that's the bad thing about the heat. At about the third song you have to realize am I going to try to keep the show up and maybe pass out or die or try and sustain so, that's the only thing we get nervous about, is surviving the set really.

(The band then takes the stage, and has its set cut short by equipment problems, prompting the band to trash its gear before storming off stage)

MTV NEWS: What just happened?

TRENT: Well, we were officially the first casualty of the Lollapalooza tour here in Phoenix, Arizona. I guess what happened is a lot of our equipment in the back was sitting in the sun, baking in the desert heat, and since we are a electronic-based kind of band, when the main part of your sound becomes ruined and melted, which I think is what happened, it was cutting out and becoming a nightmare and that complemented with the incompetence on the part of the crew led to a disasterous embarassing situation. So we really want to apologize to our fans in Phoenix that came out to see us because we really wanted to do a good show and it was a nightmare.

MTV NEWS: Did you actually stop right in the middle of a song?

TRENT: Well, we had to so, yeah, the second song. The same thing happened so it was time to cut our losses and maybe entertain people by smashing our expensive equipment instead of commiting social suicide on the stage.

MTV NEWS: I mean, were you really upset, by smashing the equipment on stage?

TRENT: Yeah, I mean we want to do a good show more than anybody wants to see one. We've been pumping up for this show for a long time and this tour and tried to think of every possible situation that could arise and this was out of my own hands and the band's hands and unfortunately we bare the brunt of it when it occurs onstage so, yeah I feel terrible.

MTV NEWS: So, now what happens with this, I mean?

TRENT: Well, I don't know. Hopefully we won't get spanked too badly for doing this, but there was no other choice but to stop the set.

MTV NEWS: I mean how hard is it going to be to fix this equipment?

TRENT: Well, I mean you can go into a store and buy new equipment and then think "Boy, we better not put that in the sun next time." We're on the hot seat here.

MTV NEWS: Have you heard from anybody like the promoter or anything, have they said anything?

TRENT REZNOR: Well this all happened about ten minutes ago and I ran to the bus and we've been hiding here ever since. You're the first people who have got us.