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Reznor + Keenan = Tapeworm
Rolling Stone 02.01
by Benedict Watts

NIN side project to feature Tool/APC front man

After sporadic recording over several years, Tapeworm, the collaboration between Nine Inch Nails godhead Trent Reznor, guitarist Danny Lohner and remixer/programmer Charlie Clouser is scheduled to be released on Reznorís Nothing Records mid-year.

With most of the as-yet-untitled album recorded at Reznorís New Orleans based bunker studio, the album will feature a slew of guest vocalists, most notably Tool and A Perfect Circle front man Maynard James Keenan. Keenan wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals for a track called "Vacant" way back in 1999 for the project.

The track has since become a regular on the A Perfect Circle live set list, a fact that has not impressed one Trent Reznor. "I have to admit I find it mildly irritating for ["Vacant"] to debut in this fashion before feeling it has been properly realized," Reznor commented about the track getting a live airing before its studio version in a diary entry on the NIN official web site.

It is not yet known who the other guest vocalists on the Tapeworm project are, but it is expected that Keenan will be the most high-profile of them.