Nine Inch Nails
Kerrang 12.00

Nine Inch Nails main man Trent Reznor has spoken exclusively to Kerrang! about four releases planned for next year - and to speak out about Limp Bizkit's song 'Hot Dog', which parodies NIN's 'Closer'.

Reznor tells us that the next Nine Inch Nails album is unlikely to be a double like 'The Fragile'. "Right now, it's the opposite of 'The Fragile'," he says. "It's got less guitar and more electronic stuff - but it's much more aggressive and violent."

A Nine Inch Nails live CD is due for release in "the first part of 2001", along with DVD and VHS editions of the same in-concert recordings from NIN's American tour this year. "I rarely listen to live albums", says Reznor, "because usually it's a shitty version of what's on the record. But the older songs have mutated so much since I wrote them, it's worth hearing what's happened to them, and how they fit in with the new."

Reznor also intends to complete his Tapeworm project. A subject of rumour for years now, the band features some of his own bandmates, along with Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan. "Maynard sings with me on one metallic song," he says. "My wish list would also include Phil from Pantera. He does vocals for Pantera in Nothing Studios and we're friends, but I can't tell you for sure whether he'll be part of Tapeworm. We have a lot of material waiting to be finished," he says. "I need to put the band's parameters in stone. I don't want it to be 10 songs with 10 different singers that sound like 10 different bands."

Reznor's fourth "icy, soulful" project will feature a female singer, whom he has yet to find. "I'd like to find someone whose views I could be sympathetic to," he says. "Potential singers can send their stuff to my website at". While Reznor aims to complete all of these projects next year, he knows that he may fail. "My mission is that all three projects will be out by the end of next year," he says. "You can quote me on that in 2015, when just one EP comes out!"

Reznor further claims that Bizkit singer Fred Durst was forced to ask his permission to imitate 'Closer' on the 'Chocolate Starfish...' track 'Hot Dog'. "This feud between us is almost comical", he says. "Fred lifted choruses off three or four songs of mine, then when his record was going to print realised, 'F**k, I'd better ask permission first, or I might get sued!'. I let him do it - I wasn't gonna hold his record up."