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Falling Forward
Alternative Press 11.00

NIN Issue Fragile remix companion, live DVD

On Oct. 24, nothing will release Things Falling Apart, a collection of mixes and unreleased tracks by Nine Inch Nails. The collection features a new cover version of Gary Numan's "Metal," "Slipping Away," an outtake from NIN's last record, The Fragile, and a number of remixes of Fragile tracks rehauled by Trent Reznor, Adrian Sherwood, "Rave" Ogilvie, Telefon Tel Aviv and Nail-mates Charlie Clouser, Danny Lohner and Keith Hillebrandt.

"It's like a coda to The Fragile, says Reznor about the mix collection. "Coming from the old-school, vinyl 12-inch days, I thought it was interesting when bands would have people I liked reinterpret their tracks. I like this record because it was a place where I could go and not feel any pressure. The format is more casual and the randomness is still there."

Also slated for release is a longform VHS-video and DVD of performances culled from various stops on the U.S. Fragility 2.0 tour, which Reznor is preparing in his New Orleans-based studio.
"I started diggin' into technical aspects of [DVD production]," he says. "I'm no longer a musician--I'm a computer engineer! In the midst of the tour we felt a sense of pride in what we accomplished and I felt it should be documented. We made the mistake of getting a film crew and we got that Bon-Jovi-pay-per-view-HBO shitty concert thing. So we went out and bought good digital cameras and filmed the last 10 shows. [The DVD] gives you the feeling of being there, as opposed to some glamourous rock show."

Trent Reznor tells the A.P. News Desk that Nine inch Nails fans won't have to wait another five years to hear new music from him. "I want to have a new album out by this time next year," he says. "Then there's the Tapeworm project and my own things, which falls outside of the parameters of Nine Inch Nails. I'd like to work with a vocalist and lyricist, because it frees me up to explore new things musically."