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Cereal Killer
Spin 09.00
by Joe Gross

NINE INCH NAILS' BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS Trent Reznor and onetime aesthetic bitch Marilyn Manson went to great lengths to degrade female fans on their various joint tours. Manson's superego-free 1998 autobio The Long Hard Road Out of Hell outlines several such encounters--including one '95 escapade that involved burning a woman's pubic hair as Reznor and Manson went spelunking, so to speak, in her womb. But perhaps the most revolting antic on that tour was when Reznor, Manson and the fine freaks in the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow held a contest to see which groupie could hold an enema the longest before ejecting into a bowl of Froot Loops--which was then supposedly consumed by Mr. Lifto, the penis strongman. Jimmy Page, the bar has been raised.