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What Will Trent Do Next?
Spin 12.00
by Matt Schwenk

Every time Trent Reznor opens his mouth in an interview--and sometimes when he doesn't--obsessed fans dissect the Nine Inch Nails frontman's every word, and whatever he says that day becomes grist for the rumor mill. (No, that's not him singing the high part on the new Spice Girls album.) We asked Trent to set the record straight.

Rumor: NIN's next album will be unplugged.
Fact: "I don't wanna say 'unplugged' 'cause that's kind of jive. I thought we could do a record where it's half old, half newer material and it's kind of stripped down and deconstructed."

Rumor: Reznor is putting unreleased tracks from The Fragile on Napster.
Fact: "I hate to take the unpopular view of 'dinosaur-rock-musician-won't-make-millions-ripping-off-snotty-nosed-computer-kids,' but the bottom line is that Napster is piracy. If the songs don't end up on a CD, I'll let them go in some fashion."

Rumor: Reznor is auditioning female vocalists for a brand new band, for which he will write the music. Fact: "True. As soon as I finish this live DVD [due late November], which is siphoning the fucking life energy out of me."

Rumor: Reznor will compose the score for the highly anticipated Doom3 videogame.
Fact: "When I did Quake, Twiggy [Ramirez of Marilyn Manson] and I tried to figure out what it would sound like to get stabbed, like torturing my dog to make it howl and shit like that. It was funny but an incredible amount of work. I'd like to do it--I'm a huge videogame fan."