MTV Latin America May 2000
MTV Latin America Interview

The singer, the creator of the sound of nine inch nails, Trent Reznor, is a mythic figure of industrial music: he composes, arranges, produces, and writes, and does all the rest of it for Nine Inch Nails.

Making an analogy that perhaps does not come to the case, Trent Reznor could be a Salvador Dalí of the music of a new era... His songs, especially those of his begining, like for exaple the songs of his legendary Pretty Hate Machine or those of the controversial EP called Broken, are a canvas plastered with rage, confusion, rebellion, hate and love, sick passion, sadomasochism, etc. At the same time listening to the work at full volume is a gentle symphonic noise for the ears that alienates his extravagant followers. Trent encounters in the macabre and grotesque nature of the sound the beauty for a song.

His last double album titled The Fragile is a masterful work that had great acceptance among critics and fans.

Trent Reznor spoke with about the Starsuckers, Inc. video and his renewed friendship with the black widow Marilyn Manson and his plans for Latin America. Furthermore he exposed his point of view about the Internet and the problem that Napster and the MP3 format represent. If you want to find out if Metallica or Limp Bizkit has an ally on this subject, do not forsake reading, listening and seeing this interview.

MTV: We spoke a little about the concept of the video of Starsuckers, Inc.:

TR: Good, to start this subject I almost did not include it on the album because it was very (quejumbroso). But anyway, I included it on the CD and after I consulted with (el sello) about which was able to be the next single and this subject continued to shine. The radio also asked for it: "edit a version or change a word here and there..." And I never planned on doing a video until out of the blue, my long-term kind of arch-enemy Marilyn Manson, who had gone from being the closest I've had to a brother to opposite planets at war, for a variety of reasons. And I think he was feeling, not to speak for him, but I know I was feeling that just enough time had passed. I did write the song with him in mind, it was not solely about him, but I had an extra thirty verses of the stuff to vent if I needed to. He told me: "I would like to put everything in the past and I am tired that all of the world is asking me if this subject is about me. I have a good idea for a video and I would like to be in it." This led to open up a dialogue between us. He proceded to make the video which was his concept, which was a pleasure. The other time he played with us in Madison Square Garden and it was one of those moments that (te pone la carne de gallina). It does not happen very often, and thus I feel very positive about it.
MTV: Are you very involved with your page on the Internet?

TR: With the page... everything began because I do not know HTML, thus we went to a big company that wanted to make a traditional page, but we threw that idea out. We went and hired a fan that had a very good page of ours, we told him to come with us and to make something with a more organic feeling and that would evolve all of the time. The concept of our page was to make something confused in a certain feeling, but not irritating, but that was always changing. I believe that it is very interesting to be able to communicate with the fans and to leave them to have access to you and vice versa and have an immediate response. I pay a lot of attention to what the people say and put in the forums.

MTV: Do you believe that the Internet is able to harm direct relations between humans?

TR: Between human beings, I think it can because I find myself a lot of times preferring to communicate vía e-mail because I do not have to speak directly to anyone, I can say what I want when I want. I think the real repurcussions of the Internet have yet to be seen, but it's a substantial thing. In my mind, it's as important as automobiles being invented, and planes, as far as the world being closer. The internet is definitely going to have an impact on the distribution of music, movies, etc.
MTV: What opinions do you have about Napster and the MP3 format?

TR: My sentiment is this: I understand that as a fan, it is intriguing to go to one of these sites and find a song immediately and the technology is good, I am not against this in any manner. But I am against robbery, and this is robbery. It is very challenging for someone like Metallica or I to say this without sounding like: "Hey, we're rich and want to be richer." I am not rich, but I believe that not many people understand how the musicians obtain their payment for what they do. They pay musicians principally by means of publishing if they write their own songs and just because the technology exists and permits one to copy things, this does not change things in order to allow someone to be able to do this. I support the artists that are aligning against that, because it is basically theft.. it's not basically, it is theft. And on the other hand it is very irritating that demos and other recordings that one does not want to release to the market are distributed by someone that obtained some session and the material without it being finished or meant to be released that way, this is also disgusting. I remember that this happened to U2 two years ago, thankfully it has not happened to me yet.

MTV: When are you going to come to Latin America?

TR: We are trying to get down there, that's what I've wanted to do. The main difference... one thing to be aware of is that we... up until this record, we have been fairly crippled as far as label support to get there. And what has made Nine Inch Nails successful in North America has been that we tour a lot here. And we have never really had a lot of radio support, consistently, the same with video. Occasionally we find ourselves in fashion and afterwards the fever passes for a long time. Going on tour is something that I am able to control, if we play in a place and three months after return to the same place, we encounter these people and their friends... I believe that this has been the best promotional aspect of the band. It also has to do with our finances, this is the first time that we have done an extensive tour in Australia and Europe, and afterward, I hope that before this finishes we will be able to go there.

MTV: Nine Inch Nails is touring and for opening act they have the group A Perfect Circle, the new project of Maynard James Keenan the singer of the band Tool and the guitarist Billy Howerdel. will have an interview with A Perfect Circle Mondey, the 29th of May.

Furthermore, the dates of the interview that Ruth had with Trent Reznor are pending from Connection MTV, the interview where Trent spoke more of the background of his new disc, among other things.