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All-Star Magazine September 1996

Trent Reznor Challenges Himself

New Nine Inch Nails Set And David Lynch Movie Soundtrack On The Way Trent Reznor is busy working on the next Nine Inch Nails album andproducing the soundtrack to David Lynch's new Bill Pullman/Patricia Arquette-starrer Lost Highway.

Confirmed for the soundtrack, to be released on Reznor's nothing label, are anew NIN song called "Perfect Drug" and a new Smashing Pumpkins tune called "Eye," according to Reznor.

"`Perfect Drug' is more fucked up and more pop at the same time than people would expect," says Reznor, who allstar caught up with at the MTV Video Music Awards after-party in New York Sept. 4. "It's more jungle. I've been listening to a lot of what's going on lately and I made something that's different fromwhat I would have done and challenges me. And, at the same time, it's moreobvious a pop song than I ever would have written. To me that's scary. It mightbe shitty, but..."

Also slated for the soundtrack are Marilyn Manson, This Mortal Coil, Barry Adamson, and orchestral score music, according to Reznor. A publicist at October Films, which is releasing the indie movie, says music from David Bowie and Lou Reed will also be in the movie.

Reznor says he's not afraid that his fans will be disenchanted with his popapproach. "I don't care. I have to challenge myself," he says. "My fans like me for what I did in the first place, so..."

Right now Reznor and Lynch are trying to come up with the right balance ofscore and pop music for the soundtrack.

"I've always been a big fan of David Lynch and I've scored some music for thefilm and now my job is to arrange a soundtrack, much like I did with Oliver Stone and Natural Born Killers, and the debate at the moment is to weighout how much of it is worth pop music versus score. David and I are leaning more towards score and art, but the business people are more toward Mortal Kombat and a pop soundtrack.

"As the producer, I want it to be reflective of the film," continues Reznor."I don't want it to just be a collection of pop music like today's soundtracksare...We've talked about a double CD."

Lost Highway is described by Lynch as a psycho-drama. Richard Pryor andGary Busey are also in the film, according to the movie's publicist. A releasedate has not been set yet for the film or the soundtrack.

In other news, Richard Patrick, formerly of NIN and currently with Filter,joined Reznor onstage at NIN's College Music Journal (CMJ) performance at New York's Irving Plaza for "Head Like A Hole." This was the first time the two hadeven spoken in four years, according to Filter's publicist.