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New NIN Video Contains Games, Dishes

That Trent, always trying to rock the proverbial boat. The clandestine NIN video for "Starfuckers, Inc." (that's "Starsuckers" for the MTV crowd) premiered Tuesday on MTV. There were many surprises, cameos, carnival games (you do like carnivals, don't you?), creepy nose tubing, the inexplicable bashing of dinnerware, shnozz tape, and toilets. That's a veritable smorgasbord, eh? Here, I'll be more specific. The video traces Reznor as he partakes in a perverse carnival of sorts (hey, that's my favorite R.E.M. song!) with a voluptuous blonde mystery date...ok, it's Marilyn Manson, people. Marilyn. Manson. But you don't find that out until the end (in writing parlance, we refer to that as the "kicker").During the clip, Reznor samples a popular carnival game (games are fun) that involves heaving baseballs at dinner plates, but see these are not regular dinner plates -- oh no -- these dinner plates have faces on them. Whose faces? Well I'll tell you: Marilyn Manson (ok), Fred Durst (sure), Gene Simmons (blasphemy!), Michael Stipe (come now), Mariah Carey (yes yes yes yes yes!), as well as tossing the balls at a bust of himself (really postmodern) and of Billy Corgan (I'm ok with this because he is bald). Other highlights: a delightfully obese Courtney Love look-alike with tape over her nose perched atop a dunking booth labeled "waste." Later, Reznor throws CDs into a commode. There is even a second "kicker"-Manson directed the very Lynch-ian video. And it's actually quite funny. And well done.

That's a poor kicker.