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Plankenkoorts special Werchter festival. july 22, 2000.

Opening -"Closer" live

We were quite impressed by your show.Were you impressed aswell?

Trent Reznor: Well, thanks for saying that.Felt good tonight.The festival vibe is pretty new to us; you know we've just got spoiled with a nice american realm, whatever it is with our lights, production, and we know what we're gonna do... First of all i've realized that summer is freezing cold in Europe (laughs), more than i've espected, and rainy... and we got a few miserable shows but tonight...Felt good about it, I thought it was connecting a bit.

Is the audience lifting the show?Or is it more than that?

TR: Pretty much so.I mean, tonight i've seen people and see people went to the front...We needed that.

Did you recognized people?'Caus i know there is a legion of fans who's following you all over the world...

TR: A few guys i have to see and it's like:"Oh that's you again, where are we?" (laughs).It's cool to see that.

Pause, "Starfuckers Inc" live

What happens when you're on stage?'Caus when i'm watching you i see this band you know, and it's kind of scaring me...So where are you when you're on stage?

TR: I can be relatively collected and calm before shows but when it starts, something...I got taken back to the place i was when i wrote the music, and it's not always a place i want to visit.And i think after the tour i'm gonna lay down for months and balance myself out 'caus i got so negative energy out; but visiting places that are uglier, mean or oppresive or angry...something just starts getting over.You know, a lot of times, you don't feel like doing the show necessarily, you're sick or the schedules are kind of shitty, and when you're on stage something's taking over.I felt good tonight about that.

That would mean sometimes you got scared by your own music, did i get that right?

TR: Yes, it flows you back to...But I can't say I haven't come back to the place i was in my head when i wrote, whatever song it is.Those are usually not...It's not poppy cover fields, you know, pretty girl on your side (smiling).It's usually some tormented area.

Pause, "The wretched" live

You cannot have a good vibe from the sort of music you play, but still you can have a good impression of your show...

TR: I think the good vibe comes from getting out.You know when i see people come