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1997 Articles

1997 articles

Nine Inch Nails Releases "Closure" (MTV Music Online- Dec. 1997)
New NIN Video, But No New Manson (MTV Music Online - Nov. 1997)
Reznor Takes Time From NIN Album To Shoot Bowie Video (MTV Music Online - Oct. 1997)
Trent Reznor & David Bowie (MTV Online - Oct. 1997)
King Of Nothing : Inside Trent Reznor's Techno-Industrial Complex (CMJ Mag. - Oct. 1997)
Trent Reznor And David Bowie In The Mix (Launch.com - Sept. 1997)
"Prayer Focus Artist" (Christian Home Life - Sept. 1997)
Trent Reznor Finds New Direction, With Help Of Bowie (MTV Music Online - Sept. 1997)
inside trent reznor's techno-industrial complex (cmj - sept. 1997)
prince of darkness (kerrang mag. - sept. 1997)
Trent Reznor's Downward Spiral Into Litigation (Launch.com - Aug. 1997)
Nine Inch Nails Sued Over Six Songs (All-Star Music - Aug. 1997)
Trent Reznor Faces Song Theft Accusations (MTV Music Online - Aug. 1997)
nailin' it down (entertainment weekly - aug. 1997)
on the record (guitar world - july 1997)
Nine Inch Nails returned to record stores this week with considerable help from a handful of remix masters. (MTV Music Online - May 1997)
Trent To Team With Rick Rubin For NIN Album (MTV Music Online - April 1997)
Down In It : Trent Reznor in Cleveland (Cleveland Online - April 1997)
Sneak Peak At Nine Inch Nails: Self Destruct (All-Star Music - April 1997)
trent reznor-influential person (time mag. - april 1997)
Nine Inch Nails!! (Rollingstone mag. - March 1997)
Nine Inch Nails Book Coming Soon (All-Star Music - Feb. 1997)
Reznor Flames Rock Contemporaries (MTV Music Online - Feb. 1997)
nine inch nails (raygun - feb. 1997)
Trent Reznor Talks Of Teaming With Dr. Dre (MTV Music Online - Jan. 1997)
Trent Reznor Talks Up David Lynch, Dr. Dre And Ice Cube (MTV Music Online - Jan. 1997)
Trent Reznor's Lost Highway Drops Feb. 11 (All-Star Music - Jan. 1997)
Gossip On Trent Reznor And Marilyn Manson (All-Star Music - Jan. 1997)
nailed down (live mag. - jan. 1997)
trent reznor-most vital person (spin mag. - ??? 1997)
the devil said to me (spin mag. - ???1997)
Nine Inch Nails (Anti-Matter Mag. - ????)